Wednesday, August 11

Cuz we wouldn't be happy if Kucinich were President.

For those family members who haven't seen it and don't know the background, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs complained yesterday that the "professional Left" would only be happy with Canadian Healthcare and would complain if Dennis Kucinich was President. See here:

Wow, that Robert Gibbs won the "Mensa reject of the week award" for reminding us about that. I didn't think anyone could bump Rahm's place in line for the White House Official who should be fired first.

So which is it, are we too bitchy or Obamabots? Peanut butter? Chocolate? you got your Obamabots in my bitchy bloggers!


  1. I didn't like what Gibbs said, but whether he's the press secretary or not doesn't matter. He's reflecting the White House's mentality. That won't change until Rahm is gone and probably won't change at all. That just means the movement has to be that much stronger.

  2. Gibbs is right. We wouldn't be happy if Dennis was President. We'd be ecstatic.

  3. Actually, Gibbs seems to have much more influence than I thought.

  4. It's a mixed bag-- according to the GOP Obama can do no right, and I am willing to cut his some slack, considering he was handed this country in smoldering ruins... but as Kucinich points out, there is no acceptable excuse for the perpetual wars & he said the Nuke programs should be cut.
    I cringed when Obama was calling coal, offshore oil & nuclear power "alternative" energy- "safe & clean", I believe was the verbatim quote.
    So after a coal mine collapse & deaths, the big oil biggest disaster evah & deaths.... I hope he gets it now that the third item on this menu is fraught with disaster.


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