Tuesday, December 28

This might make you feel better

I wish there were more walkway overpasses in Birmingham. Then we could do something like this:


Freeway Blogger
makes a blue gal feel good.

Monday, December 27

Only in Alabama....


Only in Alabama would a judge wear a robe embroidered with the Ten Commandments into court. News story here.

Read a really good response from another local minister, James L. Evans, here.

As Evans says, this judge "replied he believes the Ten Commandments represent the truth 'and you can't divorce the law from the truth.' I guess it's also hard to divorce a sure fire political gimmick from a political opportunist either."

Yet these gimmicks work in this state, and many Alabamians rally to these political opportunists like flies to bear scat.

Does Jesus sit at the right hand of God and vomit over what is done in His name?

Saturday, December 25

Got any good drugs?


Okay, just three questions:

1. If they can stop pushing Celebrex prescriptions on TV, why can't they stop pushing ALL of them?

2. How much does a congressman cost these days? Answer: No one knows, Pfizer hasn't put one up for sale lately. (thanks, Dr. W.)

3. Who's got more work, the pharmaceutical spin doctors or the damage lawyers? (go ahead, Google "Vioxx" and "legal" together. I'll wait.)

Thursday, December 16

"Yeah, I got your WMD's right here..."


A winning caption, but which one of the three says it? If you can do better, Jluster is having a photo caption contest here.

Anyone still sad about Bush winning? Would this be as funny with Kerry and Mary Beth Cahill?

Wednesday, December 15

Is it Easter yet?

Just looked up my old friend Ari Goldman in order to send him a holiday card and found his review of the Mel Gibson movie.

Ari, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU from this one Christian. The gigantic error of the Christ movie is not only that it denies the message of Jesus in favor of some "message" delivered by his executioners. It is that watching violence against Jesus is somehow constructive in a religious sense. That violence has a good religious use, is the fundamental error which leads to terrorism and war. Those Christians who think watching that porn is good religious instruction because "it really happened that way" are missing the whole point. To a good Christian the resurrection happened too, and the resurrection undid everything that Pilate and company attempted to do, most importantly undoing the hate.


Available as a magnet from EvolveFish

Bob left a nice comment below. Read his Passion review here.

Monday, December 13


Please! Blue Gal has been inundated today with demands for promotion on her blog. Michael Moore is comparing the Democrats to a battered woman, those Retro vs. Metro people (hey nice banner with Kerry ads going into a vortex) think Bush stole the election again, (but I thought he learned his lesson last time!) and the busted tees guys want me to vote for Pedro? I just don't have time for this.

So we'll just take a well-deserved time out from party politics to celebrate a little gender politics and the fact that the man below is straight. Sorry boys, this one is NOT for you, thus living proof there is a Goddess, and from the looks of 'im he's a regular Blue Gal reader...hmmm I feel sooo much better now.


Friday, December 10

Oh, and I'm returning all those Krispy Kreme gift cards

Second Nature wrote me about buyblue.org, a website dedicated to promoting those corporate entities that support the Democrats.

In the words of the site's founder:
"I'm quite certain that since the very day Al Gore invented the Internet, people all over the United States have been getting online to share information about politics, corporations and even organizing boycotts. ...At BuyBlue.org we are making a list and checking it twice, we know who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. If you want to send a message that you’ve had enough and you want your country back, that you want to be heard; I urge you to check out the list and make appropriate purchases. Make this year a Blue Christmas!"

Kudos for the Al Gore joke, but I'm suspicious of all corporate sponsorship. WalMart and Starbucks are supporting NPR's All Things Considered down here. Does that make them nice all of a sudden? Is that just their way of sucking up to "concerned women of a certain age"? It ain't workin with this one.

The BuyBlue list is convenient for boycotts, they're right. Lookee just how few corporations supported Dems over Repubs, and who knew Krispy Kreme could be so red? Or in the words of wise man Wacky Neighbor, "Apparently Victoria's Secret is that she's a flaming Republican."

If I had lots of money to spend this Christmas, I think I'd get everyone down here a bumpersticker from Evolve-Fish, which they can put next to the ribbon magnet on their SUV (click on the image to order one yourself):


Monday, December 6

Well, ya know, Hitler and Mussolini had each other...

Many of us reacted with the "civilization as we know it is ending" when we read about Clear Channel getting their news from Fox. Oh please. Just keep telling yourself and everyone around you, Fox is not a real news source. Don't you dare take them seriously. And Clear Channel clearly has not learned the lesson of Monty Python's Life of Brian...tell the people they can't listen to something and they will run in droves to get it.