Sunday, April 30

Thank you, Stephen Colbert!

stolen from bluedeception

"...reality has a well-known liberal bias."

Not a big surprise, word has it the server at Comedy Central is overloaded.

Those of you wanting to thank Colbert, nothing says love like snail mail:

Stephen Colbert
c/o Comedy Central
1775 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

Honey? Where are the stamps?

UPDATE: Shakes Sis has the You Tube videos of Stephen's speech here.

Saturday, April 29

Must. Not. Let. Head. Explode.


O'Reilly says Fox not a right wing enterprise.

Better not tell your boss, Bill.

A buncha loose ends...


Our pal W. David Stephenson got his most excellent rant against Exxon picked up by the wonderful Mike at Crooks and Liars, then emailed me to say that a link from Blue Gal is never superfluous. Blue Gal's blushing, doll!

Does anybody know what happened to Emails from Jesus? (broken link as of this writing.) I was gonna send him links to the Jesus Pan, so his image can show up on yer grilled cheese, natch, and also the Christian Boxers above, which answer one of the remaining theological questions of our day, what was under the shroud, dude? If anyone knows where Jesus is, besides mysteriously appearing on top of my morning pancakes, let us all know in comments. It's just like those passive-voice postcards from church, Jesus: "You are missed."

Hadda chance yesterday to meet Kathy from Birmingham Blues. She rocks, but you knew that. Always take advantage of meeting your fellow bloggers f2f, people. It's always worth it. On that note, Hey Jenny Slater and Blue Gal are working on getting a Drinking Liberally group started here in Birmingham. Watch this space.

Friday, April 28

Don't Sugarcoat It Award for April 28


Today's Don't Sugarcoat It Award goes to A Mind is a Terrible Thing for this lovely post. Just a sample here, addressed "with all due respect" (nice touch) to our dear leaker:

Ms. Schaivo had more active brain cells than you seem to sport... You’re so incompetent, it’s a wonder you don’t lobotomize yourself whenever you pick your nose — or have I stumbled onto an unfortunate truth, sir?

(Hat tip creme filled pastry to Doug)

Thursday, April 27

Outfitting Tony Snow

From Raw Story:

In his first interview since accepting the job of White House Press Secretary with Cox News, Tony Snow says he will feel free to express his opinions at the White House and isn't coming to 'drink the Kool Aid.'

Uh, Tony? Mr. Rove will see you now...


Wednesday, April 26

Just Asking...


Actually, I'm seeing fewer W stickers everyday here in Birmingham, Alabama.

Anyone else noticing the tide turning at the grassroots?

Tuesday, April 25

Policemen make me laugh!

bunny boy

Didja hear that Tommy Chong says he sold bongs to Cheney's security detail? Sorry, I'm gonna drink some Fox News Kool Aid on this one and not even care if it's true.

And Loretta Nall had a run-in. She was a passenger in a car with a bad tag or something but when THREE cops in THREE separate SUV's found out she was the Libertarian Candidate for Governor, they all of a sudden had a "manpower problem." The whole story is hilarious and no one can tell it like Loretta.

Some of my Democratic allies might question my support of Loretta Nall. May I remind you that I live in Alabama and this state needs some serious shaking up. If I lived in a more enlightened state I would remain a loyal Dead Dog Democrat. Plus, I like it that if someone calls Loretta a racist, she publishes on her blog that the statement is quote, "UTTER HORSESHIT." Unquote. That's the kind of Governor Alabama needs.

Monday, April 24

Blue Gal's New Imaginary Boyfriend


Yeah, I know, Wallace Shawn is gonna be heartbroken. I haven't seen Capote yet, either, though soon.

It's just that Philip Seymour Hoffman, in addition to being a 10 on the "intelligence is an aphrodisiac" scale, has another nice quality:

He's stocky enough that I won't break him playing cowgirl, but he's sexy enough that I'd like to try.

On topic, Douglas (oh he's a Hoffman, too, you betcha) has a post on which movie villains do you root for. I am soooo gonna be wanting PSH to kick Tom Cruise "so he won't reproduce, ever again" in M.I.3.

Off topic, Paul is posting today on Jungian metaphors in SpongeBob Squarepants. And it totally makes sense. Hey, it's Monday, you've got all week to think about it, okay?

Mr. President, I'm raising open-minded, intelligent children over here. Do you mind?

A terrific photoshop, notice the seal in the background,
from Maurice Motut and posted to Rick Mercer's Blog

Bragging on Blue Gal's children today.

Was doing some play with the 3yo this weekend. Picture of one Barbie doll at the mall with her friends pops up. Black Barbie standing, two white Barbies sitting in the mall, all with shopping bags.

3yo points to standing black Barbie, and says, "She's shopping."

I say yep.

"And those," pointing to sitting white Barbies, "are her parents."

Oh lawdie Barbie's black and she's got two white mommies!

I love it! And her. 3yo has it all worked out, I'm tellin ya!

Then on Sunday 7yo boy (autism so high functioning I just plain give up) runs in from the kitchen. Wait Wait Don't Tell Me is on NPR on the kitchen radio.

"MOM!" he yells. What?

"Carl Kasell stinks!" (I guess we won't be gettin' his voice on our home answering machine, then.)

So my 3yo gets the whole blended family thing and my 7yo has strong opinions about NPR news anchors. Am I supposed to have a problem with that?

Sunday, April 23

Now That's What I'm Talkin' About!

This may be old news to some of you:

Fur-lined underwear has been banned in Uzbekistan after authorities deemed it too sexy.

Sales of the furry slips have rocketed in temperatures that have hit the region of below minus 20C.

But the government has now banned the lingerie saying they want to protect citizens from "unbridled fantasies" caused by wearing the soft fabric.

You mean, like the fantasy of being able to take off your fur lined panties without freezing your genitals?

Oh no, we know where those fur-lined panties fantasies can lead...

fur panties

In this case, permission is better than forgiveness

more Jeff Danziger cartoons here.

I heard from Jeff Danziger via email regarding whether we bloggers can use his cartoons in our blogs:

"Go ahead."

The only warning, folks, is of course to link back to Jeff's site, just like I did above, and no bandwidth theft, or Blue Gal will do mean things to your panties.

Thank you very much, Mr. Danziger.

Oh, and speaking of panties. The pervert who found my site looking for "women's panties that fit men"? I think what you are looking for is here, but I did not need to know that. Too. Much. Information. And if that was you, Anderson Cooper, I expect a finder's fee.

Saturday, April 22

Don't Sugarcoat It Award for April 22


A big shout out and Don't Sugarcoat It award to Waveflux via Shakespeare's Sis. Such a lovely response to the issue of vulgarity on weblogs:

Fuck him, fuck them, and fuck you.

And have a nice weekend.

Waveflux is responding to an article by Daniel Henniger of the WSJ. This editorial is deserving of a little more nuance, but not much. Henniger thinks the blogosphere a place of weird thoughts: looks to me as if the world of blogs may be filling up with people who for the previous 200 millennia of human existence kept their weird thoughts more or less to themselves. Now, they don't have to. They've got the Web. Now they can share.

Admit it, readers, the internet is full of more than weird thoughts. It is full of smut. You have no idea just how much bad porn Blue Gal must wade through to find nice panties pictures for her dear readership. Seriously, summa these girls need a shower AND a shave. On the face. But ALL publishing revolutions, print, voice recording, film, etc. have begun with two primary subjects: the accepted religious canon (King James Version, anyone?) and pornography. I used to keep trying to remind everyone at work, and then I gave up: the internet is NEW. Desktop computers are a NEW technology. NO! We do not have the kinks, or the kinky, worked out yet. Give it time.

Henniger narrows his focus on three areas where the decline in discourse has sullied our society. First up are the teenage antics of MySpace bloggers. I feel sorry for Henniger and any other adult who take it upon themselves to "examine" MySpace for content. I also can't say whether Henniger has much experience with teenagers. Blue Gal has lots, and she knows: when it comes to the 13-17 demographic, the wholesale destruction of the polite proclivities of mature society is their job. It may be unfortunate that they now have a platform which anyone can access (and more needs to be done to wake teens up to this fact; "how dare you read my blog, Mom!" can kiss this momma's ass.)

The second area is popular culture itself: cable, music, etc., i.e. The F word on the Sopranos. Henniger feels that a massive movement of "disinhibition" is leading us down a slippery path where "crazy people" control the discourse. As Henniger asks:

...does the Internet mean that all the rest of us are being made unwitting participants in the personal and political life of, um, crazy people?

This is where Henniger crosses the line. He equates the foul language of political bloggers and commenters to a form of insanity. We are living through some amazingly, mind-bogglingly insane times. The pictures from Abu Garhib? The 2500 soldiers who thought they died because of 9/11? An administration for whom it seems each individual member is personally profiting from a war based on lies? A mainstream media which is, with few exceptions, either comatose or actually participating in a calculated public mesmerism? Notice I have not crossed the line into obscenity. Or have I?

Here's an obscene example from my own crazy mind, Mr. Henniger: if I call Michelle Malkin a quote-unquote "demented cunt," in what way have I denigrated the discourse more than she already has?

Just asking.

UPDATE: 57% of respondents in this Daily Kos poll think calling Michelle Malkin a "demented cunt" is too good for her. Noted.

Meet and Greet Blue Gal

tongue_angelina_jolie blue
their chicken salad is delish!

I'll be at lunch with the

Over the Mountain Democrats

Magnolia Cafe

Friday, April 28, 11:30 am

If you haven't had lunch there before, it's in the chicken salad on croissant / ten buck range, including soft drink.

I shoulda saved that panties for lunch graphic for this post. Oh well.

Friday, April 21

A love letter for the friends I've met here


This article says exactly what I want to say to you. You will know who you are. Love, Blue Gal

(duh. I forgot to say this article is written by Shakes Sis and is worth a read even if this is your first visit.)

Six things about Blue Gal


1. I love Jesus. The man and the blog. (oh, did you think I was linkin' to The General? He's good, too.) However, I am in no way against evolution, and I actually think the Flying Spaghetti Monster is both funny and cute.

2. I'm going through a little bit of a midlife crisis. The blog keeps me busy and therefore sane.

3. I love anchovies.

4. In my book, "clever" is the sexiest quality a man can have. Let me lick your brain, baby.

5. I cry at the opening of The Sound of Music, every time. The song is a prayer against loneliness. The rest of the movie is schmaltz.

6. I've never purchased anything for myself at Victoria's Secret. They support Republicans.

I hereby join Omnipotent Poobah's Anti-Tagging League. If you want to do this no-tag meme, leave your url in comments, but I'm not tagging anybody. And this is the last time, Yoga.


Thursday, April 20

Rainbow Time for the GOP

another Evolvefish magnet

By now it's all over the internet, innit?

Blue Gal heard it from Shakespeare's Sister,
who heard it from Blogenfreude,
that Caitlin Flanagan
said this on The Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC earlier today:

"There is no room in the Democratic party for people who are opposed to gay marriage, but there is room in the Republican party for people who are for gay marriage,

...and this is the reason we're in Iraq."

Holy non-sequitur! But actually, Caitlin is just following the new talking points by the brand spanking newiest political savior of the GOP: oh, wait, it's still Turd Blossom. But just twenty four hours into his newly self-appointed decider position, and he's already come up with the latest and greatest "why we are there" excuse for Iraq we've ever seen!

It's time to unveil the Gigantic Laid Back Tent of the Republican Party!!!


Yes, kids, it's big, it's relaxed, and everybody's welcome to the...

Gigantic Laid Back Tent of the Republican Party!

See, it's not just those creepy Log Cabin Republicans we now welcome into the open policy arms of the party of Roy Moore and Pat Robertson, the GLBT welcomes everybody of every persuasion! At 33% approval rating, they have no choice!

Well, maaaybe they'll need another acronym.


IN OTHER NEWS: I just heard John Negroponte say on NPR that Bin Laden is hiding somewhere in the "Pakistan-Afghanistan area." Thanks for the tip, John!

And CNN's John Roberts says Scottie was a "truth-teller."

And Ann Coulter says she "always been unabashedly anti-murder, anti-rape and anti-false accusation." And Media Matters has a lot of fun proving that is a big sack of horse turds. Coming out of her mouth. Again.

Wasn't April Fool's Day like, weeks ago? Just asking.

Wednesday, April 19

My Kool-Aid stock just hit the tank!

Buh-bye, Scotty. The liberal blogosphere is really gonna miss you. Really.

You know, it took Scotty-boy's resignation for me to look up that reference of "he's been drinking the kool aid." Wikipedia has it all here. And I love that a WaPo editor admitted to drinking The Good Leaky stuff in a televised interview.

Course, we all know that mixing up the next fruit-punch batch is Turd Blossom's new job.

I'm busy today working, but my review (late, but there it is) of Spike Lee's The Inside Man is up at the sister site.

And welcome to the latest addition to the blogroll, "Pinko Feminist Hellcat". Um, one of us? Ya think?

Tuesday, April 18

Blogs, babes, and of course, panties

Warning: ovarian cancer studies
in laboratory mice
wearing glow in the dark crotchless panties
have been, thus far, inconclusive.

Thanks to everyone who commented the other day and supported continued smuttiness here at Blue Gal. Thanks to you, Blue Gal will stay the course, just like, apparently, Rummy himself. He said calls for his resignation "will pass", and my immediate thought was, "you mean, like a kidney stone?"

I especially wanted to highlight the comment of Paul -V-, whose own blog, Brainshrub, is the smartest thing this Blue Gal's seen in a long time. Paul comments on stuff, but also provides links to a counterpoint offering a different point of view. This is a delightful technique, because to my eye, Paul is usually right and the opposing view is stupid.

Paul linked us to this article, which indicates that the best way to get your groove on with lots of readers of "the internets" is to assume that they are all Horny Male Star Trek Fans. This would definitely explain Blue Gal's success. To those horny male Star Trek Fan lurkers, Blue Gal would like to set a few things straight:

Blue Gal is not pretending to be a woman. In real life I AM a 42DD, big hipped, long haired double-X-chromosome varietal.

Blue Gal has lots of experience co-working in an "Information Technology environment". I have worked with you or someone exactly like you. So don't be nervous.

So you are a Star Trek fan. Do you mean Next Gen, Deep Space 9, or original? What about that animated version in the 70's? I used to work with a guy who had those animated episodes all on tape, but it was Betamax, and he hasn't found time to covert them yet. If your favorite original episode EVER is not "Amok Time" then we need to seriously talk. Why yes, you do remind me a little of Spock in that episode. Sit down.

Cartoonists in the news!!!

you can order a sticker like this here.

Congratulations to two editorial cartoonists winning awards this week.

Mike Luckovich won this year's Pulitzer, and took the opportunity to give an absolutely bitchin' statement against the war in Iraq. This on NPR's All Things Considered. Listen to the interview here.

Today the Herblock Award for Editorial Cartooning will be awarded in Washington DC. This year it goes to Jeff Danziger, a true blue if ever there was one.

We damn liberals are always giving each other awards. Too bad these awards are so fricking prestigious.

And memo to all the yellow Elephants out there, Danziger is a decorated Vietnam War veteran, kinda like those generals who are calling for Rummy's resignation.

You can see Danziger's cartoons at his own site here. I wrote him and asked very nicely if he would give us liberal bloggers permission to steal his images, but I'm sure he's kinda busy today listening to Sandra Day O'Connor tell him how great he is.

When you get back, Jeff, I'm sure you'll be delighted to know that this smutty left wing blogospherian thinks you're great, too.

Monday, April 17

Don't Sugarcoat It Awards for April 17

yes, you can order these blow pop panties, but I'm not telling you where

Today's Don't Sugarcoat It award goes to Blogenfreude of Agitprop for being the first to think of it: A Medal of Freedom Award for Rummy! It's so obvious I'll bet even Hannity is smacking his forehead right now. I mean, after all, he is doing a heckuva job, and well, you can read Agitprop for yourselves.

Yes, readers, you did just throw up a little in your mouth.

But while we're talking about it, you may remember that the Don't Sugarcoat It award is given to posts showing righteous outrage, not necessarily with profanity, but definitely with direct and elegant opposition to all that is wrong with the current administration/msm/world at large. Blogenfreude is being funny here, but by taking all this Presidential support for Rummy to its logical conclusion he makes a direct and elegant point about what a buncha stupid assholes these guys really are.

Is Blue Gal a little too NC-17 for you?

I won't get into why, and maybe Holy Week has something to do with it, but I've been wondering lately whether Blue Gal isn't a little too smutty.

A state-wide (yes, Alabama) blog listing rejected Blue Gal because they only wanted blogs that are "PG-13" at least.

Quaker Agitator has set some elegant and reasonable rules about posting to his site, including banning profanity. (I told him and his readers that whenever Bushco pissed 'em off, they could always bring their cuss words over here.)

And even Shakespeare's Sister brought the issue up, right before they opened a thread about what's your favorite sexual position. (Seems a tie between cowgirl and "woof woof", but I digress.)

If any of my regular readers finds an inconsistency between my love for Comrade Jesus and my calling Donald Rumsfeld a fucking asshole, please let me know in comments. If you can't read Blue Gal at work because of the panties (and kids, I could always just link to them, ya know), ditto. I'm here to please you, dahlinks.

Sunday, April 16

Happy War on Easter


And Happy Easter, too. And if you are a regular reader to this blog, know that Blue Gal loves you. Really.

Lick some chocolate for me, ma hunnies.

Saturday, April 15

Couple good blogs...

and she has artistic friends in high places...thanks, Captain!

First of all, I don't deserve the mention by Shakespeare's Sister. Totally flattered and diggin' it!

Blah3 is trying to get a million hits by the end of the month and they may just make it (seriously)...with OUR help.

And check out this post by latest Blue Gal sidebar buddy Psychotic Patriot. It's funny.

Friday, April 14

Holy Weekend, Blue Gal!

from EvolveFish, of course.

Blue Gal will always support any gang bang attempt to give O'Reilly an aneurysm, so let the War on Easter(tm) continue. In the meantime, you quasi-agnostic blogospherians can count on Blue Gal for inspirational readings that are unlikely to offend your political sensibilities.

First up, you probably already read Garry Will's article in last Sunday's NYFT. But here it is online, and last check you did not need a subscription. He talks about Jesus in the Bible and how he eschewed all politics, not just the politics of the right. It's well-written stuff and is unusual in that it should discomfort us Sojo lefties as much as the Pat Robertson types.

Secondly, latest addition to the Blue Gal sidebar is Contextual Criticism. I've only started reading it, but it seems a digest of religious comment around the media/blogosphere and the readings seem carefully chosen and well-remarked thus far. If Blue Gal had stayed a divinity type there but for the grace of God...but then of course you wouldn't have a source for NSFW Easter Egg panties.

Finally, this from the Blue Gal Archives: Mark Morford's now classic take on Jesus and his banning of Focus on the Family.

If it is not too disconcerting to you, I offer Blue Gal's theology of Jesus:

He was a man who spoke the truth to power without a hint of rancor, who cared for the poor, the outcast, the least among us. He was nailed to a tree by the political and religious conservatives of his day because they mistakenly thought they had power and that he threatened that power. Yet his message lives on today not in opposition to Rome's emperors or desert priests, notice, but in an embracing love that still brings comfort and mercy when we most need it and least expect it. Truth and Love: the weapons of our warfare, blogospherians. We can never, will never, deserve his goodness. And it's there for us anyway. That's the point. As I said a few posts ago, God is Love, and we are soaking in it.

Happy Easter.

my favorite image of Jesus
now available on a T-shirt with a cool
"what would Jesus really do" on the back. See here.

Thursday, April 13

Chuck Colson can bite my butt.

courtesy Monet's Studio

Confession time: I am not a rabid pro-choicer. I wish the Democratic Party would mail a condom to every household, attached to a postcard that says: "We Democrats are serious about reducing the number of abortions in America. Here."

But when I see shit like




I don't see the point in making a serious argument. Because, clearly, the pro-lifers are not serious about ending this argument. They make too much money and too much mileage from convincing their followers to keep fighting this culture war that real solutions are not part of the picture.

C. Everett Koop once said on the News Hour that we would not solve the abortion problem until we "bite the bullet on contraception." I hear that from doctors all the time, that effective contraception is the number one need of their young women patients of every religious background, and that the fundy undies are often the first to come off in the backseat of a car, and definitely the least prepared contraceptively when they do.

And Nina Totenburg said during the Roberts hearings that overturning Roe is the worst thing that could happen to the Republican party short of a military draft.

Get real, fundy undies. Our girls deserve so much better than hiding facts under religious wingnuttery. And when you're serious about reducing the number of abortions in this country, I want to work with you.

And confidential to Chuck Colson: Ya know, if we had aborted more Republican babies in the first half of the twentieth century, Watergate, like, never woulda happened.

Wednesday, April 12

Just go see it...


Yeah, yeah, I am probably the last person on this blogosphere block to see V for Vendetta. But if you are thinking of waiting for Netflix on this one, don't. And don't read the reviewers who gave it a milquetoast review, either. Blue Gal loved it. Loved it.

If you need a fleshier review, check out Douglas's.

Tuesday, April 11

Are there any others?

Just wondering, does anyone else have a gubernatorial candidate in their state who is shaking things up?

Loretta Nall is quoted as wanting "to promote non-compliance with the Patriot and REAL ID Acts." (Nevermind that the main jist of this article was that little thang about her arrest for possession. That will probably won't be resolved until after the election, if ever.)

"They're the two most offensive documents ever signed into law by the United States of America," Nall said. "We don't need the government with their noses up our asses."

We don't? Gee, did someone tell the President? (honorary don't sugarcoat it award, the first of many, I expect, Loretta.)

from Buddha's Corner

Monday, April 10

Is this proof he reads Blue Gal?

Sorry, I still need proof he can READ.


Rock on with a tip of something tasty to Shakespeare's Sister. Go there for the "caption this photo" contest, btw.

And thanks for the alert, AL. xoxoxo

In local news...

Alabama, Birmingham, in the news:

Loretta Nall won the nomination for Governor from the state Libertarian Party. Congratulations, girlfriend! I don't agree with Loretta on every issue but she opposes this war and all the expanded power bs that Bushco claims as their own. And as for this right wing so-called "Christian" infested state, this gal is gonna shake. things. up. And Blue Gal is all for that.

Lil' old Birmingham has its first gay film festival this month. Talk about shaking things up. But hey, Baptists don't acknowledge each other at the liquor store, and every Netflix subscriber in town has taken advantage of that plain red envelope to see Brokeback so no one would know. How convenient that the local Sunday rag published a list of the films showing so locals could add them to their queue after church!

Scroll Down for a NSFW image:

and order one here.

Sunday, April 9

A comment on Harry Taylor

While we're still talking about Harry Taylor I wanna bring up what I said over at Quaker Agitator:

The reason the emperor was so dignified is because he learned that was the best way to diffuse a disagreement. Learned that from his old man. Also, it allows him to keep up the illusion that reasonable people can disagree with his law breaking, that it's just a matter of opinion and that like a caring father, he will do that which is unpleasant (wiretapping, leaking, invading, etc.) in order to "protect" his children from the big bad terrorists. This is the big lie and the American people on the whole are buying it. They want to think everything is okay so they can go back to voting for their favorite American Idol and feeling like they have a say in things. Bread and circuses, babe. I'm with Harry. "I have never felt more ashamed of, nor more frightened, by my leadership in Washington, including the presidency."

It's like if somebody shoots your spouse and you scream about it, then the assailant says, "Well, of course, you're entitled to your opinion, but I actually think I'm a pretty nice guy." The President is wiping his butt with the Constitution of the United States of America. He should be kicked outta office. Now.

I also think it's sad that we're not at a tipping point about this yet. That the Harry Taylors and Helen Thomases become instant blogospherian heroes is an indication of a vacuum of truth in the MSM universe. The tide is turning, but not fast enough for me.

Friday, April 7

Is this you? Just wondering...

Your Lucky Panties can be found at Blue Gal

Please Do Not Sniff the Blue Gal Panties!

Left-wing, political, and idealistic, you are devoted to The Daily Show, Colbert, and Bill Maher. Yet you know you still need to laugh more. Blue Gal panty posts make those dreams come true!

You're a busy lefty blog reader. You have the most Blogline subscriptions of anyone you know. You write long diaries at Kos, hang out in the open threads at Eschaton, are a daily, sometimes hourly, visitor to Crooks and Liars, but can 't commit the time or the energy to your own blog.

You also have a flair for lurking. You need to stop this and leave a comment. Now.

If you want to enjoy the blogosphere more and join the party, it's time to make yourself known. Click on comments, put on those Blue Gal panties, and type something. The panties will inspire you to say the right thing. And you can do it anonymously.

Blue Gal celebrates some soul sisters


There aren't enough women blogging, but many of those who do, rock just like Blue Gal.

has really been rockin' with post after post about so-called patriotism and the flag. Tell GHIW to watch out, AL, your brain is showing, and boy is it sexy.

Sister Nancy has the best Tom Delay tribute of the week.

Sing along with Bride of Acheron and her brilliant "War with No Aim."

Leave it to Captain Dyke (goddess) to put the McKinney embarrassment in its proper perspective.

Let us not forget that it was a woman who got the roses for Helen Thomas thing going. (Turned out to be much more successful for her than "Utah for Kucinich", too.)

A hat tip to Tennessee Guerrilla Women for the Thomas story, and congrats on the Koufax, gals.

Check out Loretta Nall's t-shirts, by the way. Calling her opponents "boobs" is really being nice, 'cause I think of Roy Moore as more of a "dick."

Finally, and I know I'm leaving some rockin gals out for a later post, Peripetia has the unmitigated gall to ask this question:

The question is exactly this: If this was all so above-board, then WHY have a secretly authorized declassification of only cherry-picked key points from the NIE authorized by Bush via Cheney through Libby to an "exclusive deep background information" to only Judith Miller - IF the NIE was SO helpful to their cause in the MSM to refute Wilson?

And then Deny it?

Karen! Didn't you hear DeLay when he said

"Nothing worse than a woman know-it-all"? (hat tip Alicia)

Guilty as charged, Bug Man. Just like you.

Thursday, April 6

Blue Gal, who's your daddy?

Your Daddy Is Bill O'Reilly

"I can make my falafel this big."

What You Call Him: Falafel Daddy

Why He's Your Daddy: Because your daddy does not know the difference between a loofah and a falafel, and it cost him a reputed six million bucks. He also represents all that is worthy of ridicule in right wing politics, well, whatever isn't covered by Brit Hume, Pat Robertson, and Ann Coulter. Seriously, what would you do without him, Blue Gal?
slightly modified from Who's Your Daddy?

Wednesday, April 5

Don't Sugarcoat It Awards for April 5


Blue Gal mentioned earlier that Russ Feingold oughta change his last name to Goddammit because so many of us lefty bloggers are saying "why isn't the rest of the Senate behind Russ Feingold Goddammit! Dependable Renegade is much more elegant in this lovely post, which shares the don't sugarcoat it award with Curbstone Critic. Curbstone has given up calling for impeachment, he's for impalement. We'll take votes for what to impale Bushco on in comments, folks.

Tuesday, April 4

Personal Responsibility, People!!!

Dear fellow lefty bloggers,

Your mantra for this week is: "I blame myself."

Katherine Harris

Jean Schmidt

Tom Delay (sa-weet!)

Scottie McClellan?

And the entire Republican House of Representatives.

We must hold ourselves responsible. I'm buying.

It's all Figleaf's fault


He went and saw Secretary and posted a review. (Please remember if you are at work that Figleaf also posts panty-less pictures of himself and they are very...nice.) So because the review I wrote for a History of Pop Culture class I took a few years ago was half about Secretary, I wanted to post it. But it was too long for Blue Gal. (Imagine that. Something was too long for Blue Gal. Don't go there.)

So I posted it here. If you're interested. If you're not, consider yourself spanked.

Monday, April 3

Crying at the keyboard. Sorry.

Just watched Jill's homecoming here and I can't stop crying.

She says she won't engage in polemics and I guess that means she won't be blogging, right? 'Cause she won't engage in polemics and she also apparently knows how to spell it.

Welcome home, dear.

Saturday, April 1

Jill Carroll speaks for herself -- click here

Gosh, math is hard.


Fact finding here is shamelessly stolen from the ever so lovely (and yes, I've seen pictures of her highness) Princess Sparkle Pony. The princess does all my heavy lifting where the current Secretary of State is concerned.

"Yes, I know we have made tactical errors, thousands of them," Secretary of State Rice said in answer to a question over whether lessons had been learnt since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.

And tactical error number 2,797? Um, I would be guessing, these pants?


Condi later explained her accounting system:

"First of all, I meant it figuratively, not literally. Let me let me be very clear about that. I wasn't sitting around counting," she replied.

Oh thank the good lord! Actually counting up the tactical errors made in Iraq could take for-e-ver! Just ask this guy:

"Ow! Numbers that high make my brain hurt!"

And besides, if you count and then don't like the numbers...

[The results of a 2003] RAND study was that any effective nation-building mission required a 1:50 ratio of peacekeepers to civilians. That was the size of the various Balkan peacekeeping forces. By that standard, between 450,000 and 500,000 U.S. troops would have been required in Iraq.

According to Trainor and Gordon, Bremer passed along a copy of the study to Rumsfeld, who promptly threw it in the garbage.

Way to go, Rummy! Blue Gal does that with her checkbook overdraft statements all the time!