Thursday, April 20

Rainbow Time for the GOP

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By now it's all over the internet, innit?

Blue Gal heard it from Shakespeare's Sister,
who heard it from Blogenfreude,
that Caitlin Flanagan
said this on The Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC earlier today:

"There is no room in the Democratic party for people who are opposed to gay marriage, but there is room in the Republican party for people who are for gay marriage,

...and this is the reason we're in Iraq."

Holy non-sequitur! But actually, Caitlin is just following the new talking points by the brand spanking newiest political savior of the GOP: oh, wait, it's still Turd Blossom. But just twenty four hours into his newly self-appointed decider position, and he's already come up with the latest and greatest "why we are there" excuse for Iraq we've ever seen!

It's time to unveil the Gigantic Laid Back Tent of the Republican Party!!!


Yes, kids, it's big, it's relaxed, and everybody's welcome to the...

Gigantic Laid Back Tent of the Republican Party!

See, it's not just those creepy Log Cabin Republicans we now welcome into the open policy arms of the party of Roy Moore and Pat Robertson, the GLBT welcomes everybody of every persuasion! At 33% approval rating, they have no choice!

Well, maaaybe they'll need another acronym.


IN OTHER NEWS: I just heard John Negroponte say on NPR that Bin Laden is hiding somewhere in the "Pakistan-Afghanistan area." Thanks for the tip, John!

And CNN's John Roberts says Scottie was a "truth-teller."

And Ann Coulter says she "always been unabashedly anti-murder, anti-rape and anti-false accusation." And Media Matters has a lot of fun proving that is a big sack of horse turds. Coming out of her mouth. Again.

Wasn't April Fool's Day like, weeks ago? Just asking.


  1. Uh, wait a minute...we're in Iraq to protect gay marriage? Head -- is -- EXPLODING!

  2. Good Lord, is Fred Phelps right? Say it ain't so, Blue Gal!

  3. This is fantastic news! Thank God they've finally narrowed Bin Ladin's whereabouts down :-/

  4. Just in time for the latest tape, too! So nice of Bin Laden to check in with us periodically, so we know he's okay.


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