Tuesday, April 4

Personal Responsibility, People!!!

Dear fellow lefty bloggers,

Your mantra for this week is: "I blame myself."

Katherine Harris

Jean Schmidt

Tom Delay (sa-weet!)

Scottie McClellan?

And the entire Republican House of Representatives.

We must hold ourselves responsible. I'm buying.


  1. I am aware, of course, that in each of these instances they're the cause of their own downfall. But if they want to blame anyone else, please let it be me and my fellow lefty bloggers. We take it as a badge of honor, Mr. Delay.

  2. Anonymous12:44 PM

    I believe that my DeLay Death Watch helped ... of course, I also believe in the Easter Bunny.

  3. Not SCOTTY! Not MY Scotty! Please say it ain't so. I will miss his royal pudginess and his clumsy sleight of hand tricks of saying something while saying nothing. If this happens - and I'm still holding out hope that it's only a rumor - there will be nothing left for me to do but continue to mine Michelle Malkin's wacko blog for inspiration.
    Of course, that might earn me more male readers 'cause the boys really love a good cat fight. And just for the record, I could bench press that little spa princess into oblivion if given the chance.

  4. Margaritas all around!

  5. oh, i feel soooodirty! shame on me, my most grievious fault, snicker... shot of yukon jack please!

  6. Just a thought…..this exuberance may turn out to have been premature if, by getting that Pudgy albatross off of their ship, the Righties may clear their deck enough (in a cosmetic sense)to end up the better for it.

  7. To help in the healing of our great blog nation I joined the PDA (Progessive Democrats of America) and Drinking Liberally. Promoting democracy one pint at a time!

  8. I'd blame the politics of personal destruction, but I'm not sure I can define "person" loosely enough...

  9. It's heartwarming to see our hard work pay off a little...

  10. ...of course, my cartoon page will be a sad and empty place.

  11. I hate to say it (but you know I will, Blue Gal), but unless we grow some balls and set forth a point-by-point platform I see us having another disappointing November.

    CNN had Howard Dean on CNN today and asked the Good Doctor point blank what it was that Democrats stood for. Dean stated three very weak, very abstract, not fleshed out proposals that were tantamount to we're against whatever President Bush is for. And then promptly changed the subject.

    Being the anti-Bush party ain't gonna cut it, I'm afeared.

  12. I hope I am not about to drag down the little celebration, but we are all complicit in the mosters of our government. We cannot escape this fact. It is what one does about this fact that shapes them as a human. I'd say considering our complicity we've made some progress... We'll soon run out of dominoes and when we do we must keep the momentum and try to stem beforehand the next Delay, or Bush, or Lieberman or Abu Ghirab or Iraq or Bosnia or 9/11... Complicity sucks...but were stuck with it...

    Was that too much of a downer?
    Hope not.

  13. Anonymous11:54 PM

    Be careful what you wish for.

    Now that DeLay is retired, he can do much more behind the scenes to make sure democraps never win again. Dems keep proving they're dumber than the crap they spew, hence their streak of losses for the past several years.

    How many times must we hear, "Oh, but this could be the year..." or "this time we'll win huge..." etc., et al.

    Dems are a joke. They have no plans whatsoever. Their new junk about getting OBL is pathetic. They never bothered to get him for 8 years during Mr. Monica's sexploit era of one disaster worse than the other.

    Perhaps if dems ever do get back in, the entire city of NY will be taken out by terrorists, who BTW are just aching for democraps to get back in.

    Stupid dumbass libs!

  14. Anonymous12:06 AM

    Always kills me how these pansy yellow-elephant Puglicans sign off anonymously. That's what I call the courage of one's convictions.

  15. Be careful what you say about my dearest Tom.

    Oh, Hammer, I miss you so.

  16. "Dems are a joke....getting OBL is pathetic. They never bothered to get him for 8 years during Mr. Monica's sexploit era of one disaster worse than the other.

    Perhaps if dems ever do get back in, the entire city of NY will be taken out by terrorists, who BTW are just aching for democraps to get back in."

    Dear Anonymous:

    Perhaps you are afflicted with syphillitic tumors in your brain? How else to explain your fear-laden sentiments regarding my fucking hometown?

    How does the fact that Bush was the President during the largest military attack on American soil in our history (with the largest civilian deathtoll) make GW Bush strong on national security? Can you seriously STILL be tryint to excuse Bush/Cheney's incompetence or malevolence by talking about a blowjob that occurred 10 years ago, and insinuating that extramarital sexual misconduct is
    somehow the moral equivalent of dragging the USA into a war based on lies?

    NYC is aching for responsible political leadership; I don't see either party providing a satisfactory answer to our desires. But to suggest that GW Bush even gives a shit about his nation's economic engine and largest city is nonsense. He did not even visit NYC once before the attacks of 9-11, and that is because he was afraid of the public reception he would receive in this heavily Democratic city. And just to mention a real oddity--Bush took over nine months to visit NYC after his "election". The last sitting President who took that long to visit the nation's financial capital was a fellow by the name of Franklin Pierce. Since as a Republican you are undoubtedly ignorant of your homeland's history, you probably don't know that Pierce was President between the years 1853 and 1857, and while he was on the campaign trail in 1852 one of his children was killed in a train crash. His wife was devastated and forbade Pierce to travel for much of his first year in office.
    NYC knew GW Bush was a fraud before he was installed in the office by his friend (and judicial coup d'etat pointman) Antonin Scalia. What was Bush's real reason for avoiding NYC? To prevent him from crying too much on camera after his administration allowed 9-11 to occur?

    Lastly, Anonymous Republican, Bush will be in handcuffs before you have your first perceptive thought. Remember that the next time you are spouting preprogrammed false information in a political debate.

  17. Dear Double Plus Mal - you will never have to be without Tom - he will always be with us in spirit. Feel free to visit our tribute site to him - "I Love Tom DeLay!" if you get to missing him too bad.

  18. You guys make me so glad I opened up anonymous comments. Now I can get Douglas riled up, have a retort from Double Plus Mal (a kind of honor in reverse), AND I can get my Alyosha rant fix. Alyosha, btw, that one puts you in the don't sugarcoat it hall of fame, babe. xoxoxoxo

  19. BG--an unexpected honor, being voted to your Hall of Fame. Once the cocktail hour rolls around, I will toast you and your fine blog.

    And I think I figured out exactly which kind of syphillitic tumor our anonymous Republican was suffering from--it's called a gumma, which is a tumor with a necrotic center enclosed by an inflammation. Texturally, they are alleged to be small and rubbery; they usually arrive in the last stages of syphillis.

    Who says being Republican is without its rewards?

  20. I blame you all for me too!



  21. At 8:13 PM, Comrade Kevin said...
    “I hate to say it (but you know I will, Blue Gal), but unless we grow some balls…….”

    Now, CK, wouldn’t she just be toooo cute in her panties if she did?

  22. No it would look thoroughly gross, like the time she allegedly took a shower with a pantyload full of felafel. Anything to piss off O'Reilly.


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