Monday, April 24

Blue Gal's New Imaginary Boyfriend


Yeah, I know, Wallace Shawn is gonna be heartbroken. I haven't seen Capote yet, either, though soon.

It's just that Philip Seymour Hoffman, in addition to being a 10 on the "intelligence is an aphrodisiac" scale, has another nice quality:

He's stocky enough that I won't break him playing cowgirl, but he's sexy enough that I'd like to try.

On topic, Douglas (oh he's a Hoffman, too, you betcha) has a post on which movie villains do you root for. I am soooo gonna be wanting PSH to kick Tom Cruise "so he won't reproduce, ever again" in M.I.3.

Off topic, Paul is posting today on Jungian metaphors in SpongeBob Squarepants. And it totally makes sense. Hey, it's Monday, you've got all week to think about it, okay?


  1. The first time I saw him in a movie was "the Talented Mr. Ripley." I'm still one of the only people I know who likes that film.

    And, I still say reverse-cowgirl doesn't get enough credit these days ;-)

  2. Jeremy - I'm with you on "Ripley." It was a great film. And, BG, I may have to challenge you to a duel over PSH, seeing as I'm in the market for a new fantasy boyfriend, what with "my" Scotty leaving the limelight and all.

    You know he was really troubled by how I might react to the news, which is why he waited until I was out of blogging range to make his resignation announcement.

    Don't worry about me, though. I'm moving on with my life.

  3. there is just something oddly appealing about PSH. :)

  4. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Hey, Jeremy, I liked The Talented Mr. Ripley, too.

    No. Wait. That was Ripley's Game. Great movie, one of the few Malkovich movies I really like. I haven't seen TTMR.

    Must say I'm surprised to see PSH hit your honey list. Whenever I see him, I think about that awful Jennifer Aniston movie, Along Came Polly. If you love PSH and haven't seen Along Came Polly, DON'T see it. Aside from showcasing cruelty to ferrets, you will really hate PSH in this movie.

    No relation, by the way. (Nor to Dustin.)

  5. Blue Gal, I'm with you on the swoon quotient, but I must warn you: I ran into him at the 2000 RNC Convention, for whatever that's worth.

    (I was only there with the press)

  6. You're KIDDING. Could be automatic disqualification. Philip, you've got some 'splainin to do.

  7. one site says Hoffman "brought a sense of wonder and urgency to the political documentary "The Last Party 2000", serving as the film's host and guide to the Republican and Democratic National Conventions." So he was working. I figgered, because he was on The Daily Show pimping Capote and Jon Stewart couldn't get enough of him, fwiw.

  8. Oh, that's good news. I have been at odds with him wondering how someone so talented could so misalign himself to this bunch of idiots.

  9. So you wanna know how close I was to him?


    This close. I coulda hugged him. I always regretted not talking to him. Or hugging him, for that matter.

    I just couldn't compute what he was doing there. Plus I'd just seen Larry King and his twenty-something wife hanging out on a golf cart and was pretty creeped out.

  10. Yeah but that wife had two kids with Larry. She's not a trophy wife,
    she's a trophy womb. Speaking as someone with three kids under 7 with
    a guy who's now sixty five, I can relate to her a little. But I don't
    look like a Playboy bunny, tho'.

    I'm, of course, jealous of your actual proximity to MY imaginary bf.

  11. Dang, Dadgummit, and other more colorful and explitively-filled comments!! All this time I had been secretly dreamin' that I was Blue Gal's New Imaginary Boyfriend....back to the drawing board for this horny, impotent and frustrated old reprobate, I guess.

  12. I've met him :)

    His mother is a member of Chlotrudis. We only see her when she comes to Boston for the awards, but a couple of years ago she convinced Phil to come accept an award and be interviewed during the ceremony.

    And he clearly loooooved us for our dedication to independent film. I'm sure he was thinking of us while playing Mr. "I'm so bad I'm gonna blow up your head, Tom" in M:I:III: Son of M:I:II


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