Tuesday, April 18

Blogs, babes, and of course, panties

Warning: ovarian cancer studies
in laboratory mice
wearing glow in the dark crotchless panties
have been, thus far, inconclusive.

Thanks to everyone who commented the other day and supported continued smuttiness here at Blue Gal. Thanks to you, Blue Gal will stay the course, just like, apparently, Rummy himself. He said calls for his resignation "will pass", and my immediate thought was, "you mean, like a kidney stone?"

I especially wanted to highlight the comment of Paul -V-, whose own blog, Brainshrub, is the smartest thing this Blue Gal's seen in a long time. Paul comments on stuff, but also provides links to a counterpoint offering a different point of view. This is a delightful technique, because to my eye, Paul is usually right and the opposing view is stupid.

Paul linked us to this article, which indicates that the best way to get your groove on with lots of readers of "the internets" is to assume that they are all Horny Male Star Trek Fans. This would definitely explain Blue Gal's success. To those horny male Star Trek Fan lurkers, Blue Gal would like to set a few things straight:

Blue Gal is not pretending to be a woman. In real life I AM a 42DD, big hipped, long haired double-X-chromosome varietal.

Blue Gal has lots of experience co-working in an "Information Technology environment". I have worked with you or someone exactly like you. So don't be nervous.

So you are a Star Trek fan. Do you mean Next Gen, Deep Space 9, or original? What about that animated version in the 70's? I used to work with a guy who had those animated episodes all on tape, but it was Betamax, and he hasn't found time to covert them yet. If your favorite original episode EVER is not "Amok Time" then we need to seriously talk. Why yes, you do remind me a little of Spock in that episode. Sit down.


  1. Oh my goodness - another blog to read?

    *okay* *Okay* ya twisted my arm...I'm going to Brainshrub! Right NOW!


    (No - really - I love to find great stuff!)

  2. "Mudd's Women" is my favorite. I also like "The Trouble With Tribbles" and "A Piece Of The Action".

    So, um, what do you know about running DB2/UDB on an AIX server?

  3. I've never heard of running DB2/UDB on an AIX server, Eli, but the thought of Googling it makes me really hot. What are you wearing?


    Having last attended formal classes over a half-century ago, and living a rather sheltered and uninformed life since, I had to consult a cheap dictionary over the word “varietal” and I am still confused as to what it means.

    As for crotchless panties, I favor them, but still wonder why any lady would want to wear them. If ready access is their goal, why wear any panties at all?

    Blue Gal’s self description: 42DD, etc., sounds rather intriguing.

    Signed: Stupid, horny old reprobate.

  5. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Quote:'Blue Gal is not pretending to be a woman. In real life I AM a 42DD, big hipped, long haired double-X-chromosome varietal.' UnQuote.

    Respondin' t'this particular statement, I can tell ye now that I know (although not in a biblical sense) that BG is totatally 150% female.

    I've been tryin' to get me Sea-Dyke hands on her fer some time...;)

    BTW, me QM, I too have felt th'pain of rejection. A potential crewmember turned me down because th'Cap'n was 'too political'.

    He be down in 'Davy Jone's Locker' now, as an aside...

  6. Okay, on to the Star Trek question -- I'm a big fan of TOS and TNG, but DS9 is my favorite. And I am a big ol' geek.

  7. Cap'n Dyke, I saw Blue Gal first!

  8. A view of panties is make something R-Rated?

    In California you can't go to the grocery store without getting a good idea of of one or two....

  9. Thanks, Blue Gal... Exploring Brainshrub as we speak...

  10. Perhaps this says more about my conservative nature, but while I enjoy all the ST series (especially Enterprise) I am now a SERIOUS BG (new series) fan, a B5 fan, and well, SG-1... who can top THAT!

    My wife is convinced I am Col Jack O'Neill... for many reasons... (and since she finds him cute--I won't argue!)

  11. Anonymous12:20 AM

    I've seen it all and not many things make me blush. But those crotchless panties? Worse than Judas setting me up on a blind date, dude. Gets me everytime. ~blush~

    Thanks for stopping by. Come again anytime, child.

  12. Getting a visit to my blog from Jesus himself just made my day. Glad I could make ya blush, JC. Remember, tho, that they are super sexyglow-in-the-dark crotchless panties. Quality. Only at Blue Gal.

  13. Anonymous8:02 AM

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