Wednesday, April 26

Just Asking...


Actually, I'm seeing fewer W stickers everyday here in Birmingham, Alabama.

Anyone else noticing the tide turning at the grassroots?


  1. One of the happiest political moments I've had in the past six months: there's a thickheaded cigarsmoking fat guy on my street who drives an SUV (natch); he's lived on my block for a couple of years now and his SUV has always had an NRA sticker on it next to a Bush-Cheney '04 sticker.

    I saw him on his knees about 3 months ago, scraping the Bush-Cheney sticker off with a
    knife. I smiled at him after two years' worth of scowls and sneers and gave him the thumbs up. He did not react at all.

    I still found the moment very significant. When the fools in our country are no longer being fooled, the fools who fooled them are soon to be sent packing.

  2. My brother in Atlanta removed the W sticker off his SUV--which he's selling....for a hybrid.....this is huge, people.

  3. made my morning, seeing this!

  4. Even facists laugh at George. He is such a collective embarrassment to Americans. Perhaps we should put him on Letterman's Stupid Republican Tricks!

  5. We pulled up behind a little SUV last night that had one of the black squares with a white W on the back windshield. Someone (maybe the owner, maybe not) had colored over the W with a black magic marker.

    I'm also seeing lots more Brite Blue Dots around Birmingham.

  6. We don’t have a lot of people stupid enough to put Bush/Cheney stickers on their cars here in Portland…so I can’t say I’ve seen them go down, they just are very few and far between. To the point where you see one and you say to yourself, “hmm, weird.”

    However – I do see more and more anti-W stickers on cars these days. I usually go home to make lunch, workout or whatever during the work week…which means I’m on the highway a total of only 15 minutes…and it is guaranteed I’ll see at least one of these stickers.

    On the back of my car I have an Anti-W Magnet, and another magnet sticker that has the Bush/Cheney campaign logo but instead of "for president" it says "for prison."

  7. I love taking the thickest, blackest marker available & crossing off the "W" on any vehicle I see!
    Good times!

  8. It's weird. I've not seen fewer Bush or W stickers -- them's that got 'em, are keeping 'em. I'm in the Beach Cities and PV Peninsula area of Los Angeles, which is surprisingly Republican. A lot of blue collar workers who should be Democrats who voted Bush out of fear. But they're not as vocal as they were.

    And a sidebar to this: a lot of people I know who supported the Hummer-driving Arnold for governor are now turning against him. Especially the teachers -- just all embarrased that they supported him.

  9. I was driving past the Galleria (gonorrhea) the other day and saw a SUV with a one of those Christian fish thingy on the back.

    The fish stayed. The W sticker had been recently scraped off, but the imprint of the W still remained.

    I had one of those thirty second gut laughs.

  10. i am being 100% honest when i tell you this - when i see a W sticker on the back of a vechicle, i literally have to stop myself from ramming into them with my car! i'm not kidding. i have to remind myself that it will cause damage to MY car, and they're not worth it.

  11. Anonymous11:38 PM

    You probably saw this over at my place, but I was heartened recently by my brother's rejection of Bushism. He became an Orange County Christian many years ago (I hope you understand what that means . . . it has precious little to do with Jesus Christ), and had been a staunch Bush supporter for years. Bush lost him on the immigration issue, of all things!

    Kinky sex at my place tonight.

  12. Tide is won't be long (in political terms) now before we see the utter dismay from inside the ranks of Washington DC.... Like the bumper sticker...does it come on panties?

  13. Anonymous1:52 PM

    I found a good candidate for your Don't Sugarcoat It award:

    A Mind is a Terrible Thing

    Read the post's last paragraph, in particular.

  14. Anonymous2:20 PM

    That's the good thing about Republican Kool-Aid. If it doesn't kill you, it wears off eventually.

  15. I'm finding fewer and fewer people who argued for him vs. John Kerry defending him anymore. I can't resist repeating the line I told them before the 2004 election: "I don't know if Kerry will be a good president, but I know he can't be fucking worse."

  16. Cameo, I LOVE your comment here. I thought I was either the only one that felt that way, or that I had anger management problems.

    I'm glad to know its not the former, and probably the latter :-)

    I actually confronted someone who had a Bush Cheney hat behind me at the line in the grocery store. He actually had his wife with him and I was having a particularly pissed off "Bush day," and actually had to calm myself down a bit or I would have fucking killed the guy.

    I have issues, I realize this.


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