Wednesday, April 12

Just go see it...


Yeah, yeah, I am probably the last person on this blogosphere block to see V for Vendetta. But if you are thinking of waiting for Netflix on this one, don't. And don't read the reviewers who gave it a milquetoast review, either. Blue Gal loved it. Loved it.

If you need a fleshier review, check out Douglas's.


  1. For Sappho's podcast review of "V For Vendetta" check out 'Citizen Against Lies' podcast at There click on the PodNova link, it is podcast #44 "V For Vet This Man".
    Thanks for reminding everyone BluGal!

  2. Have yet to see it but am hearing some good things about it out inn the ether and here at home...

  3. Anonymous12:37 AM

    You da gal ;)

  4. Anonymous12:37 AM

    Oops. That was me.

  5. I haven't seen it yet either, but you're the second friend who has told me I must get myself to the theater. Maybe this weekend...

  6. I loved it TOO!

    and had a few *deep* bloggie discussions about the themes and such...but that's not necessary to *Get It* - JUST GO SEE IT!


  7. Anonymous7:00 PM

    The Psychotic Patriot noticed the addition to Shakespeare's Sister's roll, and followed the link over here, and lo... excellent intellectual stimulation with a leavening of snark, and I'm rolling you, too.

    Have a great weekend, and I'll be back.

    (Apparently right after the Technobabe™ and I see V For Vendetta.)


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