Friday, April 21

Six things about Blue Gal


1. I love Jesus. The man and the blog. (oh, did you think I was linkin' to The General? He's good, too.) However, I am in no way against evolution, and I actually think the Flying Spaghetti Monster is both funny and cute.

2. I'm going through a little bit of a midlife crisis. The blog keeps me busy and therefore sane.

3. I love anchovies.

4. In my book, "clever" is the sexiest quality a man can have. Let me lick your brain, baby.

5. I cry at the opening of The Sound of Music, every time. The song is a prayer against loneliness. The rest of the movie is schmaltz.

6. I've never purchased anything for myself at Victoria's Secret. They support Republicans.

I hereby join Omnipotent Poobah's Anti-Tagging League. If you want to do this no-tag meme, leave your url in comments, but I'm not tagging anybody. And this is the last time, Yoga.



  1. I'll join your anti-TOE-tagging if it means not one more Iraqi child will don one. The other- not so much.

  2. A collective sigh, from those who would love intelligent women.

  3. Ah! Another Pastafarian! lol

    -Scott from Macaroni Duck.

  4. Frankly, I like these things. It's one of the ways we get to know the folks we're communicating with here.

    Nobody's, like, obligated to "tag" along, so why not, if you feel like it.

  5. Yeah, that's why when I decide to do one, I now leave it open so if someone wants to, they can. You say I'm not obligated, but I feel obligated when I'm tagged, especially when the tagger links to me.

    Those of you who correspond with me know it's a total crock, but this is supposed to be an anonymous blog. You already know too much, quakerdave.

  6. Anonymous1:10 AM

    Hey anchovy girl, ever make a bagna cauda? The recipe I listed used 100% butter, but in retrospect, I think I'd use equal parts butter and extra virgin olive oil. Deeelicious.

    Panties for lunch sounds great. Panties for breakfast too, while we're at it.

  7. You're trying to turn me on, ain't ya, Douglas. Hmmm, Butter, anchovies, garlic, yep, that would do it.


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