Monday, April 10

Is this proof he reads Blue Gal?

Sorry, I still need proof he can READ.


Rock on with a tip of something tasty to Shakespeare's Sister. Go there for the "caption this photo" contest, btw.

And thanks for the alert, AL. xoxoxo


  1. I haven't gotten any comments at all today which is really unusual. Checking Blogger comments here. Yep, it's really slow. One more step towards wordpress. Are you listening in, Blogger?

  2. Your panties are never far from my thoughts!

  3. don't be too quick to jump to wordpress . . . My trackbacks and pings haven't been working for nearly a week. Plus, their stats suck and they aren't particularly responsive to members.

    It's been a bad blogging day.

  4. Hmmm...I STILL have the same question:

    "Are those Plastic or Silk panties?"


    Great catch on the photo!


  5. I didn't know they made these in Black.

  6. I love the expression on that chicks face! Too funny. She looks as creeped out by him as I am.

  7. She's not creeped out by Bush... She's debating whether to drop kick his lily ass off the stage.

    Blue Gal,
    Nice post...


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