Friday, September 20

Ep 512 The Professional Left Podcast

New Books by Podcast Listeners!

The mailbag at The Professional Left Podcast has been blessed with books by authors who listen to our show! In alphabetical order of author, just like in the bookstore!

The Night Man by Robert Chazz Chute

Returning home after serving his country, Earnest "Easy" Jack hoped his family's reputation had been forgotten. No such luck in Lake Orion. Small towns have long memories. Grudges run deep. Worse, his high school sweetheart is trapped in an abusive marriage. Family bonds, love and loyalty will be tested when a sociopathic billionaire and a dirty cop conspire to use Easy in a deadly bomb plot.


Cruce Roosters by Brent Michael Kelley.

With his golden staff, Prophit King runs the Nation, keeps you safe from traitors, and presides over that greatest of sports: Cruce! Molly Most is the Crucecaster from G-1 whose star is on the rise. She’s on her way to being the greatest Crucecaster the world has ever seen. Molly isn’t looking for trouble, but trouble finds her when she catches Prophit King’s eye. Telling him “no” isn’t an option, but an ally might be buzzing in her ear. The Fog of War lifts, crucibles are revealed, and two teams of Roosters clash in a brutal melee. It’s the greatest sport the world has ever known, and this time the stakes could not be higher. Staple your eyes open, and set up permanent residence on the edge of your seat for a Cruce Championship to annihilate all championships!

Famine in the Bullpen: A Software Engineer Reviews America's Creativity Crisisby Julian S. Taylor

I wrote this book because I had been going from company to company writing software for newspaper publishing, satellite imaging and banking following a long tenure at the enterprise software powerhouse: Sun Microsystems. During that time I started to realize that something was wrong. I was no longer enthused. I used to wake up in the morning anticipating the challenge of the day; unsure how I would address the problem at hand; and enjoying the tantalizing hint of fear that I would fail to resolve it. That experience has become disconnected from my professional life and I thought that an analysis was warranted. There are plenty of programming jobs out there but there are almost no jobs in software engineering. One may begin as a programmer, typing up code to make machines do our bidding; but, eventually, once coding has become second nature, one will crave to do something truly interesting.

I am extremely proud to share these authors with you.  Go Proleft writing team!!!!  

Friday, April 26

Ep 491 The Professional Left Podcast

 Link for this episode:

The Nation: Elie Mystal, "Selling Black and Brown Voters Down the River, One Fox News Town Hall At A Time"

Saturday, February 23

Driftglass and Blue Gal on the Bob Cesca Podcast

We had a great time Wednesday in this interview with Bob Cesca.

Always a treat to be on his show, he's funny and professional and we're honored.  You can check out more of Bob's show here.

Friday, February 8

Ep 479 The Professional Left Podcast

Show Notes:  

  • Stacey Abrams speech was this week.  She followed some old guy wallowing in bitterness and self-pity.

  • Virginia is for lovers… of blackface.  When things change, sometimes they change fast.  See “Dan Rostenkowski”
  • Deficits don’t matter.  Again. Yay! Per Mick Mulvaney & Dick Cheney

  • Today on his radio show, Hugh Hewitt called the Green New Deal "communism, it is fascism, it is despotism" and compared Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to dictators who "end up murdering millions".  

  • Howard Shultz continues to buy his way into the spotlight …  and bomb when he opens his mouth.

  • Oversight hearings.  Jerry Nadler don’t play.  Neither does Hakeem Jefferies.  Today all the president’s stooges we’re lined to up to wave their arms and make Loud Noises.  Jim Jordan. Louis Gohmert. Doug Collins. Yesterday it was Matt Gaetz who reminded us that Florida really needs to be sent to juvie.   

  • Russian Doll is terrific.  And Has a Dune reference! (H/T Bill W.)