Monday, May 31

A message for Mr. Krauthammer of Fox.

Because that person actually excused Israel by saying that the purpose of the shot-upon flotilla was not humanitarian, it was to "break the blockade."

I know. I'm left here babbling wha? wha? da? fok? myself. Shouldn't you be talking about the Sestak Affaire?

Way to be the freshest smelling moist-flushable-neocon-wipe-of-AIPAC, Charles. Good luck cleaning up this abject moral failure, not to mention utter publicity disaster, for the motherland, and see you in Hell.

Balloon Juice has Emo-bama....

...over here. But personally I blame everything on Rahm Emo-nuel.

I will not be at Salon tonight due to the holiday and the fact that I'm pooped. Hope to see you next week.

Saturday, May 29

Friday, May 28

Driftglass and Blue Gal's Podcast: Is calling Sarah Palin 'stupid,' sexist?

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Thursday, May 27

Oh honey, it's time to take up a hobby.... tic tac toe or something. The latest issue of Esquire prints a letter to the editor:
Dear Esquire:

Your publication is a sexist load of crap.

Shove it up your $@!, creeps.

Thank you for sharing that with Esquire Magazine [redacted] [Let's hope she uses her maiden name on E-Harmony. ]

Can I get a little water over here?

My street last night. The basement isn't quite as bad.

Today is for cleanup. Have a good one!

Wednesday, May 26

Spot The Difference

Below is a minute fifty-five from Monday night's Rachel Maddow show. Interviewed is the Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, about whether or not the Obama administration is approving more deep-water oil leases off the US shore:

I was really stunned by how full of gaffe this interview was, and that Maddow, while her usual classy self, didn't push back because in this administration, Chu is not the policy maker, he is the geek. He's like the guy in Blade Runner, trapped by the replicants demanding how long? How long? When all he makes is eyes:

It's geek week at The Rachel Maddow Show, and that thematic trope is as much the reason to have Chu on as what's going on in the Gulf. It takes a change of frame, however, in that Chu is actually a member of the Obama cabinet, the ENERGY SECRETARY, for farksake. How is it that he is reading in The New York Effing Times (tm John Belushi) what is going on with oil leases? Because oil leases are Salazar's job. Frankly, so it should be with Rachel Maddow appearances, geek or no geek.

Chu does not look like the type to go all Malcolm Tucker (who is never ever safe for work thank God) on BP or even Ken Salazar. And yet that is exactly what we all want someone, anyone, in this administration to do:


Tuesday, May 25

Newt Gingrich Comix!

click image for larger. 'Cuz I'm just another 'left-wing racist", Newt.

Inspired by the comment at that same post: "We're all Arizonans now. Unless of course you're reasonably suspicious, like eating a taco or something."

PS. Another elephant in the room, is that no politician is willing to say we're simply not allowing enough Mexicans into the United States. Fifty thousand a year is pathetically low for two countries sharing a border, with the populations and economic disparities involved.

Monday, May 24

The Elephant in the Room

Elephant in the room by the British artist Banksy who also made this:

I've been thinking a lot about the phrase "Elephant in the Room" because this month has seen some real doozies in terms of ignoring the obvious, politically:

When Bernie Sanders asks Ken Salazar if the risks involved in offshore drilling are worth a three-cent reduction in the price of gas for 2030, the elephant in the room is that, three cents a gallon is billions in the pocket of a few.

When Neil Cavuto grills Michael Steele about how the Republican Party is being rejected by the Tea Party, the elephant in the room is that Cavuto's network created the Tea Party, and the Tea Party Movement is a perfect foil for distracting from the network's culpability in endorsing and promoting the party of George W. Bush for eight years.

And when Washington does a Push-Me/Pull-You on "spending," the elephant in the room is that pork is never pork, it's bread, the staff of everliving life, when it's being spent in your district.

The elephant in the room is what Gandhi said: “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed”. And Ted Kennedy never got an answer to his question and never will:

Saturday, May 22

The #LOST Weekend?

The part where the bat attacks the mouse and blood runs down the wall? Spoiler alert: it's the DT's giving Ray Milland a hallucination.

[Confession I've never watched Lost but friends do. I hope they enjoy their hours on end marathon thingy. xo]

Saturday Song

Friday, May 21

Driftglass and Blue Gal's Weekly Podcast

A question for those listening through this blog: we've been avoiding talking about breaking news because some people listen to us days later. Should we keep these podcasts more thematic, or make them weekly reviews of what's going on? What do you think?

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Thursday, May 20

Good God, Glenn Beck! Stop sharing!

Remember when Glenn Beck had Sarah Palin on and over-shared his bedtime journal with us? All icky about his "thoughts" concerning his first meeting with her?

And now there's this? Via Media Matters: "Beck: 'That's the only thing this president hasn't done, is just urinate on us.'" Oh Glenn you WISH, sick puppy.

In all seriousness, FOX needs to tell this person to keep his fantasies at home under the pillow. He's grossing out America. A lot.

Does he really think he can have Quitty's Christian ardor, and Barack's golden showers, too? No Glenn, you must choooose.....

Rand Paul, the anti-Obama

Three things about Rachel #Maddow 's amazing interview with Rand Paul last night, in which he prevaricated about the rights of black people to be seated in restaurants, because then we are forcing restaurant owners to let armed-with-guns people in there, too. (No, really. That's what he said.) :

1. Maddow is the classiest person on television. She did not raise her voice once or freak out, like the whole of Twitter did during this interview.

2. Watching the interview was like watching a micro-version of Frost/Nixon. Rand Paul did not see the devastation that was happening to him. I think Goldman Sachs can short sell the Rand Paul campaign now.

3. I am no longer worried that 2008 Obama voters will lack motivation to turn out in races that need them. Lookee here.

LOLcat of the Day

Wednesday, May 19

A little shake-up inside the Beltway.

[click image for larger] Yep, the media now officially thinks we're all as stupid as teabaggers, calling Congressman Sestak a "Washington outsider." That's only in terms of Andrea Mitchell's dinner parties. Sure, Sestak campaigned that way, and good for him they let him get away with it. Still, I blame the Georgetown party circuit for that, full-on.

PS Am I the only one who noticed during the MSNBC coverage of the Specter loss, that Mrs. Greenspan looked like her favorite uncle had died?

That's Andrea Mitchell of the Philadelphia, U of Penn Mitchells.

Tuesday, May 18

My own tweet of the day

cuz @KeithOlbermann won't say "poontang" on the air, bet:

Congratulations, Congressman, on challenging the 1974 record of Wilbur Mills as the "most deaf to his own hypocrisy" congressional sex scandal.

Debbie does Dhimmi

Racist chaleria Debbie Schussel deserves a pageant of her very own. Here she is dry humping the race card again, this time over the trash that is Miss USA pageant judges. It turns out they selected their first Islamic semi-porn scholarship winner this week.
No, it’s not “just another beauty pageant.” Donald Trump, Muslims (who mostly support Islamic terrorist groups, like Hezbollah, which features many of [the winner] Fakih’s close relatives as top officials), and even Barack Obama will exploit this as propaganda for Islam. Mark my word. Hezbollah is laughing at us, tonight.
Oh Debbie. I'm marking your words. You betcha.

We really should reserve the all-important message bearing Miss USA pageant for WHITE trash, only.

And Debbie? Right-wing blogger points off for leaving the "Hussein" off POTUS's name.

Monday, May 17

Well, thank God for multiple O's, @stephenathome

Actually, I've always tried to keep imaginary boyfriend numero uno,

...from, you know, finding out about imaginary boyfriend numero duo:

And THEN look what happened over here. h/t to ever so slightly (?) less imaginary boyfriend numbre primo:

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Recap - Week of 5/10/10
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical HumorFox News

Stephen honey, hours with my Hitachi wand can't do what the first 29 seconds of that clip did for me.

But in the world of imaginary boyfriends, I wonder who decided to go after the other one?

Yeah. I'm thinking the Doctor started the storm, too. Bastard.

Salon tonight, nine Eastern, on Tiny Chat. No cameras or headphones it's just typing with other prog bloggers and no imaginary boyfriends invited. :)

Sunday, May 16

#PalinPerfumeNames - the photoshops

Tonight the hot hashtag on Twitter is "Palin Perfume Names":

via @sugarcollider

via @Shoq (using the bottle for Estee Lauder's "Knowing")

via @Maikeru

I also came up with "[In What Respect] Charlie," but so did some others.

UPDATE: Oh here ya go:

Funniest video I've seen all week.

I usually don't re-post just a YouTube, but this was worth it. Via Southern Female Lawyer.

Friday, May 14

Needs more podcast.

Since we have no corporate sponsors, we ask for five dollar contributions from those who like these podcasts. A big thank you to those who have already contributed five bucks into the hat. You pay for this, and it's so appreciated.


A Glenn Beck 'shop for @KeithOlbermann

Becks Brad Pitt fixation

h/t to the always wonderful Lewis Black, also too.

Elena Kagan's Whispering Campaign


There is some evidence that Andrew Sullivan is Levi Johnston's baby mama.

h/t @DaveWeigel on Twitter

Thursday, May 13

The Sweet Adelines of the Wingnuts find a Fourth.

L-R New member Bay Buchanan (replacing Pete Best Ann Coulter), Bachmann, Palin, Noonan.

Because it turns out Bay Buchanan can sing the crazee like a bird.

Wednesday, May 12

My own tweet of the day

It is utterly amazing what a man can say to a woman in just two words. Observe: Ben Politico says my tweet was "kind of" inspired.

There is a vast difference between

"That was kind of inspired."


"Inspired, Bluegal." or more to the point, "That was inspired, babe." Using language in that way, directly and without qualification, shows you have confidence in your OWN mental and therefore sexual cred.

I've run across the "kind of" type many many times. They're not at ease with themselves, particularly intellectually, and they are attracted to, yet terrified of, smart women.

In his choice of "kind of" Ben is actually saying, "Please, Blue Gal, don't turn that wit directly on me, I do not have the cranial cahones to parry your thrust. Plus, if I tried and inevitably failed, I might get fired."

Ben honey I'm the kind of ball-busting dame who only uses her power for a good laugh. You're lucky. xo

Tuesday, May 11

Mother's Day Treat

For Mother's Day I went to my 7yo's school for "tea." One activity we did was a kind of "Newlywed Game" page where the child fills out answers to questions about Mom, and Mom writes on her sheet what she THINKS the child will say.

My daughter guessed that my eyes are blue. Hilarious.

But on the other hand, one of the fill-ins was:

My mommy [blanks] better than anyone else I know. [Get your heads out of the gutter; it's not that Newlywed Game-ish].

I thought she would write: "knits."

She wrote: "blogs."

I love her. *sniff* The End.

Monday, May 10

A (Gasp) Lesbian on the High Court?

Who she sleeps with is nobody's business. Geesh.

Somebody else (YouTube's BriteThorn) thought of the Betty White/Elena Kagan tie-in and made a youtube before I could, not that my mash-up would last three minutes before YouTube ripped it down:

And now American Family Foundation is making Kagan's sexuality an issue (ugh) because they say, "no lesbian is qualified to sit on the court."

The Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee*** would NEVER bring up such a thing, would they?

***replace them with lesbians. No, REALLY.

Sunday, May 9

Welcome to the party, Elena Kagan.

I'm sure throughout your confirmation process you will maintain grace and a calm demeanor. Just remember, as I said with Sotomayor, for my vote you also need to demonstrate your ability to take down Scalia in a full-body choke hold.

What Mommy wants to do for Mother's Day

Mommy wants to sit down and work on knitting an uncomplicated sweater for herself:

Made out of cotton yarn she's owned for more than a decade:

A cup of tea would be nice.

Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 7

Is the GOP still sending out fake Census fundraisers?

Because I received this one TODAY:

census 1

Click the image for larger; the rest of the mailing is in this Flickr set.

I love it they sent it to me because of my "steadfast commitment to the Republican Party." Really. And the questions on it are typical:

One right after the other without apology. What douchebags.

Driftglass and Blue Gal's Friday Podcast

And please, if you listen to these via i-Tunes, rate and review. (h/t Jay).

Thursday, May 6

Has Scott Brown opened his mouth lately?

Because the next time he does....

rachel not running

Este blog es inglés solamente.

Isn't it ironic that those who carry on in Teabonics are also the English-only crowd?

And that those who risk their lives to get to an "illegal" US job are objected to by this chick?

Who goes to church and nods about "love your neighbor as yourself"?

English is the future primarily because it is the language of the internet. Some of the Iranian protesters did tweet in Farsi, I'm sure.

But speaking only in terms of wordplay, "Farsi Tweet" sounds dirty, like something the bf wants to try after a few drinks. "And then he wanted me to bend over and give him a Farsi Tweet." Look out, Urban Dictionary!

Wednesday, May 5

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

And a reminder, the Cinco de Mayo panties are made in the USA and the five buck Old Navy July 4 USA Flag t-shirts are made in Mexico.

And I suspect some Arizona Teabaggers are so upset about "all the illegals" that they're ready to retire to Puerto Vallerta. After all, you can hire a personal maid/nurse there for next to nothing.

Tuesday, May 4

Monday, May 3

Today's Morning Joe with special guest Peggy Noonan, is brought to you by Starbucks Kahlua.

And it ain't just for COCKTAILS anymore! I am actually rather surprised Janet Napolitano, who, let's face it, is kind of full-bore "The Anti-Noonington" didn't just bust out laughing.

Shorter Noonan*: People get so agitated about that "reform" word, so why don't we just Seal the Border! With, you know, caulk or something? Come to think of it, I know a terrific Mexican plumber who fixed the frosted glass shower doors at my Co-Op for next to nothing!

Shorter Napolitano*: Why don't you try Betty Ford again?

But seriously, if nothing else, Noonington is drunk on her own debutante-ness, which, not ironically, completely loses its charm outside the Mendocino Wine Bar.

h/t Heather for the tip.

*‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard. We are aware of all Internet traditions.™ See Sadly, No! for supporting links.

We get letters on the podcast

A listener wrote to our individual emails, so we apparently did not reserve the right to read her email on the air, so, duh, here it is in its entirety. No identifying information though, where did you think you were, Hot Air?

I guess this email was intended for DG but he's dealing with the Blogger Midwest downage and she sent it directly to my email too.

I don't know why on earth you'd be interested, but I wanted to write and say how troubled I was by your recent podcast. I have a great deal of respect for the complexity of your metaphors and the amazing breadth of your knowledge, and I couldn't understand why you'd narrow yourself into the 'all men are dogs' coffin that defines so little about people and relationships. Blaming feminism for not explaining your impulses seems the silliest way to dismiss a theory with which you are uneasy. Doesn't every 'big theory' that tries to influence and explain how we live attempt to restrict impulses by defining and limiting them? How far would any religion get if its most basic belief was 'people are like this and they are always going to be like this so why bother changing'. (Well, maybe pretty far, so don't answer that!)

The most upsetting part to me was the way that bluegal apparently felt manipulated by your theme into agreeing with you that 'yes this is the way it is'. Just as she might have felt goaded into soothing you when you got upset about the republican letter.
('Men have impulses and its women's job to restrain them') You are so much smarter than the dark, charismatic, brooder of your english major tales, and how different is 'I hate byron,' from 'Men always think about sex and that's just the way it is and by the way I'm thinking about it right now'. When you use your considerable gifts to advocate for that position it makes good people inclined to agree with you, and excuses bad people for not disagreeing with you. It certainly doesn't really help explain what men and women want from each other or how the sexual drive is embedded in the experience of the self. It made me remember a moment in early undergrad where a psych professor wooed the freshmen in the room with a similar 'men always want sex, don't trust them' mantra then announced that any woman who hadn't had an orgasm should come to his house some evening because 'everyone should have at least one'.

I'm incapable of not trying to imagine what it is in your life right now that has made you want to remind yourself how powerful your 'instinct' is. It's none of my business and obviously I have my own reasons to be struggling with this idea, but I thought I'd write and mention how its clearly not your instinct that draws readers, and more particularly, me, to your blog.

(And you probably thought nobody listens)

Right. This person did not listen to the podcasts that I personally edited for content without any input from Driftglass. He talks, I talk, we discuss, I cut.

Also, she doesn't know me if she thinks I was in either instance "manipulated" or "goaded."

And of course, it's
my favorite thing in the world
when self-described advanced-degree holder in psychology tells me from a "feminist" perspective what I "apparently" and "might have" felt.

She missed the part where Driftglass talked about the word gentleman, and also about cock versus heart and, paraphrasing here, how love is more subtle and more powerful than lust.

I've met Driftglass face to face on several occasions. He is tall, and has large feet and hands. I wonder if our dear correspondent is "incapable of not trying to imagine..." I'll stop now, as I truly and from the bottom of my heart have the greatest respect for DG's "libidinous liberal lasses."

Sunday, May 2

Jack Nicholson defines Sarah Palin

Although I love KO's "That woman is an idiot." I think Jack goes one better on why she is's the "A" word.

Saturday, May 1

The new twitter hashtag

Maybe FTL (Funnier than Leno) can be this week's BFD.

Happy May Day

Reason with Teabaggers and those who support Arizona/Oklahoma GOP Legislature? 3:17. "Let's go talk them out of it."