Friday, May 28

Driftglass and Blue Gal's Podcast: Is calling Sarah Palin 'stupid,' sexist?

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  1. PLEASE PLEASE!!! I listened to your podcast today for the first time. Previous to this I was thinking of the way teenagers talk, example ending their phrases in an "upway" inflection, as if they are telling us how we understand the situation or how we should understand the situation...."get it??"""ah???.And I think of it as very ignorant and dumb to say the least.
    The person you we're talking to today"Driftglass" does this. This inflection, similar to what teenagers do, turned me off immediately. If you didn't understand what I just said, let me know, and I will call you and explain. The reason I mention it is because your forum could be really interesting were it not for that idiotic inflection done by a few american human beings.

  2. StonyPillow8:49 AM

    You american human being and the peron you were talking to today"Driftglass" can talk about the good books you're reading any time. ;-)


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