Monday, May 10

A (Gasp) Lesbian on the High Court?

Who she sleeps with is nobody's business. Geesh.

Somebody else (YouTube's BriteThorn) thought of the Betty White/Elena Kagan tie-in and made a youtube before I could, not that my mash-up would last three minutes before YouTube ripped it down:

And now American Family Foundation is making Kagan's sexuality an issue (ugh) because they say, "no lesbian is qualified to sit on the court."

The Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee*** would NEVER bring up such a thing, would they?

***replace them with lesbians. No, REALLY.


  1. Not to mention that she's too short to be on the highest court in the land!

  2. A friend thinks it would be brilliant if the republicans would let Mz. Lindsay Graham lead the lesbian charge. That would be positively Machivellian-esque.

  3. Come on. . . .

    You know Liz Cheney's qualified!

    For anything.

    Ask her Dad.

    Love ya,



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