Thursday, May 20

Good God, Glenn Beck! Stop sharing!

Remember when Glenn Beck had Sarah Palin on and over-shared his bedtime journal with us? All icky about his "thoughts" concerning his first meeting with her?

And now there's this? Via Media Matters: "Beck: 'That's the only thing this president hasn't done, is just urinate on us.'" Oh Glenn you WISH, sick puppy.

In all seriousness, FOX needs to tell this person to keep his fantasies at home under the pillow. He's grossing out America. A lot.

Does he really think he can have Quitty's Christian ardor, and Barack's golden showers, too? No Glenn, you must choooose.....


  1. "Geo Bush never went out of his way to pee on us"??? Oh yeh! he never went out of his way, he just did it constantly 24/7, biz as usual for him, and we all have the scalded backs to prove it.

  2. The dampness, it stains.



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