Tuesday, May 25

Newt Gingrich Comix!

click image for larger. 'Cuz I'm just another 'left-wing racist", Newt.

Inspired by the comment at that same post: "We're all Arizonans now. Unless of course you're reasonably suspicious, like eating a taco or something."

PS. Another elephant in the room, is that no politician is willing to say we're simply not allowing enough Mexicans into the United States. Fifty thousand a year is pathetically low for two countries sharing a border, with the populations and economic disparities involved.


  1. Anonymous12:45 PM

    How many Canadians do we let in?

  2. Not enough also too, particularly if you count (and google) "skilled nurses."

    People who permanently move here from Canada are in high-demand jobs already, and move here for much higher wages. They have to, because they lose National health coverage when they leave home.

    While we're googling numbers, I wonder how many anti-immigration Arizonans drive south of the border for prescription drugs? Do they have papers?

  3. Don't let any of those vile Canucks in - why, they'll build an igloo eyesore right next door to your split-level, bring their underwear-free relatives in for illicit maple syrup parties, and one's lovingly tended lawn will go right to H-E-double hockey sticks in no time flat, eh.

    'Reaching out to Hispanics'...What, Newt expects some change now - exact or otherwise, BG?



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