Thursday, June 16

Ep 655 The Professional Left Podcast

Link for this episode: Pro Publica: White Parents Rallied to Chase a Black Educator Out of Town. Then, They Followed Her to the Next One.

Thursday, April 14

Ep 646 The Professional Left Podcast

Yes it's a t-shirt.


Fundraising for my Hearing Aids

Here is a link to the fundraiser to pay for my hearing aids. 

The good news is they work, and I love being able to hear my daughters' high pitched voices.

The bad news is the cost is applied to my health insurance deductible, so I'm out of pocket $5600. 

If you can help, please donate.   Thanks so much!  

Thursday, March 10

Ep 641 The Professional Left Podcast

Thursday, February 10

Ep 637 The Professional Left Podcast

Links for this episode:

Amanda Marcotte in Salon:  Stop feeding Joe Rogan's trolls: Progressives must reclaim the politics of pleasure

Greg Olear:  Shame Cometh: The Jared Kushner Story