Monday, April 17

Don't Sugarcoat It Awards for April 17

yes, you can order these blow pop panties, but I'm not telling you where

Today's Don't Sugarcoat It award goes to Blogenfreude of Agitprop for being the first to think of it: A Medal of Freedom Award for Rummy! It's so obvious I'll bet even Hannity is smacking his forehead right now. I mean, after all, he is doing a heckuva job, and well, you can read Agitprop for yourselves.

Yes, readers, you did just throw up a little in your mouth.

But while we're talking about it, you may remember that the Don't Sugarcoat It award is given to posts showing righteous outrage, not necessarily with profanity, but definitely with direct and elegant opposition to all that is wrong with the current administration/msm/world at large. Blogenfreude is being funny here, but by taking all this Presidential support for Rummy to its logical conclusion he makes a direct and elegant point about what a buncha stupid assholes these guys really are.

Is Blue Gal a little too NC-17 for you?

I won't get into why, and maybe Holy Week has something to do with it, but I've been wondering lately whether Blue Gal isn't a little too smutty.

A state-wide (yes, Alabama) blog listing rejected Blue Gal because they only wanted blogs that are "PG-13" at least.

Quaker Agitator has set some elegant and reasonable rules about posting to his site, including banning profanity. (I told him and his readers that whenever Bushco pissed 'em off, they could always bring their cuss words over here.)

And even Shakespeare's Sister brought the issue up, right before they opened a thread about what's your favorite sexual position. (Seems a tie between cowgirl and "woof woof", but I digress.)

If any of my regular readers finds an inconsistency between my love for Comrade Jesus and my calling Donald Rumsfeld a fucking asshole, please let me know in comments. If you can't read Blue Gal at work because of the panties (and kids, I could always just link to them, ya know), ditto. I'm here to please you, dahlinks.


  1. i like your blog as is. i don't think swearing or photos of panties could ever offend me or damage me as much as the bunch in washinton has or could!

    words are words and panties are panties. lies and wars and jackasses are quite another!

  2. I wouldn't have "Blue Gal" be any other way!

    But then again - Alabama is a rawther RED state...but until they begin rejecting such wholesale hate mongers and filth-spewing folks Like: Ann The Vixen of Vipertude Coulter, Rush Oxycontin Limbaugh, Pat Let's Murder that head of State Jesus-hater Robertson, Bill Loofah Man O'Lielly...I say screw-em!

    And for ole Child-In-Chief and Dick-Yourself, et al -- well I think they deserve as many derogatory nick names to Mock GW's penchant for same. Hey, If good enough for the CIC, it ought to be good enough to mock him with!

    So keep up the good works and let the turth and opinions keep flowing...


  3. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Strictly speaking from an SEO standpoint: Boobs (panties) = traffic.

    Ask Wonkette.

    For a further elaboration, here are Nick Lewis's thoughts on the matter:

    Having said that, you are an excellent writer. I am not visiting Bluegal for the panties.

    Do whatever feels right for you.

  4. Great article, Paul. Says it all!

  5. Don't change, Blue Gal! You are my source on all things panties and lots of other things too!

  6. When will Blue Gal design her own line of panties?

  7. Anonymous10:15 AM

    I find your blog highly offensive, and I find it thus at least two or three times a day.

    Keep up the smutty work ;)

  8. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Oh, and it's really mean to direct me over to a "What's Your Favorite Sexual Position" thread when I'm staying with my parents. Thank heavens I'm going home today!

  9. I'm with Doug on this one. Don't let the fact that I'M a stodgy old poophead stop you from doing whatever the heck you want. I love you just the way you are.

    Eegad, did I just quote Billy f'n Joel?

  10. You could compromise with the powers that be in Alabammy and post pictures of 10 Commandments Panties.

  11. When will Lynette Nall be panty model?

  12. It's Loretta and that's a trick question. She doesn't wear panties.

    But I am thinking of a Blue Gal t-shirt with an image of panties on it. I'll play with that, and I have a feeling so will you, Yoga.

  13. Honey, it's your blog! You have lots of readers, so you're obviously not offending everyone. I just applied to the same directory, and I'll be interested to see whether or not they approve me. If they do, then they're serious about their PG-13 requirement (it's fairly unsexy over at the Blues, even though I do like to call Republicans bad names). If they're not, then they're probably a bunch of uptight right-wing a**holes.

  14. Never change yourself for any reason. Love Bluegal the way she is. Plus, PG 13 is sooooo boring.

  15. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Dahlink, they're just jealous because their Catholic/Whatever-other-religion Guilt won't let them be as honest and forthrigt as our BG. Fuck 'em! Omigoddess, did I say that? ;)

  16. Love your blog, love the panties, would be sad (blue?) to see you censor yourself. :)

  17. If you were to censor yourself, you'd be perpetuating the stereotype that liberals are passive, quiet, careful not to rock the boat, politically correct, and everything else people on the other side wrongly think we are.

    Stay hard, stay strong, and get in people's face. FUCK SHIT UP.

  18. Yep, I think it's pretty much unanimous that among people that matter, Blue Gal says, onward, with panties, and continued uncensored snark. The thought occurred to me this afternoon, if not true to one's self, why do it?

  19. I wanna meet Loretta...and keep Blue Gal's t-shirt as a souvenir!

  20. Like I said before- I don't have much use for panties, but! ...if you were to do the self-censorship I'd not think quite as highly of you as I do now.

    If you were to take your panties off it'd be like me removing my... pictures on my blog... or my poetry. See?

    I know you do I just had to find a way to say "take your panties off" without sounding too crass! :>P

  21. Glad to give you an opportunity, PM! xoxoxo

  22. BTW you guys blow me away. I love you too! Thanks.


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