Tuesday, April 25

Policemen make me laugh!

bunny boy

Didja hear that Tommy Chong says he sold bongs to Cheney's security detail? Sorry, I'm gonna drink some Fox News Kool Aid on this one and not even care if it's true.

And Loretta Nall had a run-in. She was a passenger in a car with a bad tag or something but when THREE cops in THREE separate SUV's found out she was the Libertarian Candidate for Governor, they all of a sudden had a "manpower problem." The whole story is hilarious and no one can tell it like Loretta.

Some of my Democratic allies might question my support of Loretta Nall. May I remind you that I live in Alabama and this state needs some serious shaking up. If I lived in a more enlightened state I would remain a loyal Dead Dog Democrat. Plus, I like it that if someone calls Loretta a racist, she publishes on her blog that the statement is quote, "UTTER HORSESHIT." Unquote. That's the kind of Governor Alabama needs.


  1. First of thank you for visiting Morning Martini yesterday. Please drop by whenever you're in the neighborhood. :)

    Sounds like a hell of a candidate you have there. Good for her!

  2. wow. i'm so jealous. why can't CALIFORNIA have a governor like that!!! she sounds awesome! i hope she wins.

  3. My favorite quotation, which anyone who lives outside of Alabama and never watched the Auburn football Sunday show with Coach "Shug" Jordan and Carl Stevens would never understand, is "You are so right, Carl.".

  4. "Utter Horseshit!"

    Wham! Loretta sounds like the tough kind of person I'd vote for! I think when we decide we're Democrat, etc., we pigeonhole ourselves into certain ideals, thoughts, etc, which puts us on that slippery slope we find ourselves in today. Vote your conscience or gut feeling. Leave God, money, appearance and other trappings at home...

  5. She certainly isn't afraid to tell the truth as she sees it. That's one of her best (and unfortunately most unusual) qualities.

  6. Blue Gal, Ohio needs Loretta!

  7. She's cool all right. I left her a 'thumbs up'.

  8. Two American folk heroes to be sure. Tommy Chong has been a political prisoner (don't laugh, it's true) and ranks as another entertainer the US government felt entitled to hassle and arrest. As far as Loretta Nall is concerned, thank you Blue Gal for bringing her to my attention. People like her and NY's Sander Hicks manage to break through the utter despair that possesses me whenever I consider the so-called "leaders" on the political landscape of today.

    PS--Hicks is running for senator in NY, not governor, as I mistakenly posted a couple of weeks back.

  9. Three great songs about the police and their gentle, compassionate wisdom:

    1. Fuck tha Police--N.W.A.
    2. Police Story--Black Flag
    3. 911 Is a Joke--Public Enemy

    That is all.


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