Friday, December 10

Oh, and I'm returning all those Krispy Kreme gift cards

Second Nature wrote me about, a website dedicated to promoting those corporate entities that support the Democrats.

In the words of the site's founder:
"I'm quite certain that since the very day Al Gore invented the Internet, people all over the United States have been getting online to share information about politics, corporations and even organizing boycotts. ...At we are making a list and checking it twice, we know who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. If you want to send a message that you’ve had enough and you want your country back, that you want to be heard; I urge you to check out the list and make appropriate purchases. Make this year a Blue Christmas!"

Kudos for the Al Gore joke, but I'm suspicious of all corporate sponsorship. WalMart and Starbucks are supporting NPR's All Things Considered down here. Does that make them nice all of a sudden? Is that just their way of sucking up to "concerned women of a certain age"? It ain't workin with this one.

The BuyBlue list is convenient for boycotts, they're right. Lookee just how few corporations supported Dems over Repubs, and who knew Krispy Kreme could be so red? Or in the words of wise man Wacky Neighbor, "Apparently Victoria's Secret is that she's a flaming Republican."

If I had lots of money to spend this Christmas, I think I'd get everyone down here a bumpersticker from Evolve-Fish, which they can put next to the ribbon magnet on their SUV (click on the image to order one yourself):


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