Friday, August 13

Our Weekly Podcast Is Now Called "The Professional Left!"

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  1. Denny Smith3:58 PM

    Every week I wait for this podcast. Don't care what you call it--it's the best in the country.
    Possible show suggestion?
    Lots of us, as you've mentioned, are getting more and more dispirited, especially when we get killed in the mid-terms (allegedly). Too much shit is going south on us.
    What about a show that says, "Look, in all of this shit, here's some bullet points that you want to remember that mean all is not lost. In fact, it may mean we're gaining."
    Any hope at all??

  2. We of The Amateur Left salute you!

  3. I think we're all Professional lefties now. Well they said my check's in the mail..;)

  4. Gibbs is going to want Royalties, ya know....

  5. StonyPillow12:28 PM

    Honored to count myself among the five thousand, besides women and children.

    Thanks again and again.

  6. Particularly insightful podcast.

  7. thank you !! Great shows !!

  8. Brilliant! Perfect name for the show.


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