Wednesday, August 11

I believe the word I'm searching for is, WTF?!?

h/t Mickey Finn


  1. Denny Smith12:44 PM

    Shakin' down the rubes for dollars is consistent with past practices of religions.
    Their target market is ideal: gullible, "patriotic", ignorant, and fearful.
    Yup, lottsa' money there.

  2. I fail to see the issue here at all. The game is clearly aimed at promoting christian values. The title line in the ad is makes clear the game is intended to promote spiritual values which Christians identify with and support. Why you find this game to be a subject of ridicule or assume that only unsophisticated rube types would have an interest in it seems to me a very bigoted sort of reaction. The game itself might be crap (ie, it fails as a game) but it's certainly has more to commend it from a values standpoint than handing your kid some other popular title like say, grand theft auto. There is no reason to ridicule a game title merely because it appeals to Christian themes. The post and the comment appear to me as very prejudiced against people of christian faith or believers, without much basis.

  3. Aaron + Alaine, I usually don't respond to comments, but here's my 'prejudice' against this game: I have a real theological problem with the whole "Left Behind" marketing juggernaut. The Left Behind-ers I've heard of are creationist science-deniers who think the book of Revelation is some sort of guidebook to the future. That's NOT Christian theology, and in my opinion, and therefore the opinion of this blog, it's dangerous for children to be steeped in its falsehoods via a game, a book, or anything else. There is nothing Christian or valuable in telling children the earth is 6000 years old and that when "God" comes to destroy the earth they and their Chosen Elect bigot compatriots will be lifted to heaven while the rest of humanity is vaporized. So score those rapture points on your laptop!

    And don't get me started about Israel and the Jews. Supporting whatever crap the Israeli government throws around because that will bring about the Rapture, but then the Jews in Israel will convert to Christianity or burn in hell for eternity? And that's Christian? REALLY?

    There is room for varieties within the Christian church, but there is no room for lies in truth. I'm sure you agree, Aaron + Alaine, that there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed.



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