Thursday, August 26

Picking up my kids at public school.

Other parent number 1:

Other parent number 2:

Other parent number 3:

Which one is most likely to supervise the getting done of the homework tonight?

It's hard to tell from appearances, or is it?

It absolutely amazes me that religious conservatives go so batshit over people who apparently share so many of the same values.  I'm pretty sure the woman in the Hijab puts her kids before her tattoos, beer, and 'sluts heart me' Tshirt.

But the headscarf is different, so she can't have a church in town?   Because the CHRISTIAN majority is skeered of her?

The Devil loves a distracted Christian.


  1. And idle hands. I sometimes wonder if all the screaming wingnuts are either independently weathly, retired or on unemployment? They have so much time to "protest".

  2. I wonder about that too, Stephanie. But looking at them, I'm guessing not independently wealthy. So, who's paying them? Or at least paying for them to get to the outrage spot du jour.


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