Monday, May 5

Happy Birthday Karl Marx!

Happy Birthday, ya Commie bastid! (We'll celebrate Karl's b-day at Salon tonight. Hope to see you there.)


  1. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Karl Marx is often erroneously described as a communist, but enlightened readers of my book know that he was really a proto-Dhimmicrat.

  2. And moioci if Jonah Goldberg ever really left a comment here I'd publish his IP addy so fast....

  3. ...That it would make your worker's collective struggle against the running dogs of capitalism spin, my comrades.


  4. Karl Marx of course developed a Darwinian-style economic theory based on observed abuses of labor during the industrial revolution. he didn't count on Liberalism to moderate conditions......

    interestingly Communists, Fascists, Islamists and American Republicans hate Liberalism, pretty much because that political philosophy does not accommodate extremist political philosophies very well.

    "When he came to office in 1933, laissez-faire had undermined the temples of capitalism, thrown a quarter of the labor force out of work, cut the gross national product almost in half and provoked mutterings of revolution. No one knew why things had gone wrong or how to set them right. Only communists were happy, seeing in the Great Depression decisive proof of Karl Marx's prophecy that capitalism would be destroyed by its own contradictions......."


  5. Well, you didn't dub me Comrade Kevin for no reason, BG.

  6. Funny, but this reminds me of a crush I had years ago. She like Karl, while I like Groucho ... guess we were doomed from the start. ha


  7. Goldberg linked to one of my posts a while back. I have never had such ignorant commenters! Frickin' fascism was a liberal political phenomenon?!? They must be desperate beyond words.

    P.S. Did you mean moi aussi? I guess in PDA typing-with-two-thumbs lingo it could be moi OC, n'est-ce pas?


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