Thursday, May 15

Is it me...

...or is John McCain's skin getting progressively darker as the campaign progresses? I wonder if the spray-on tan budget is paid for out of the Convention slush fund or general campaign revenue.

If he ever claims to be "the black man's President" I'm gonna plotz.


  1. It's pressure building internally. He's just getting closer to having his head explode as he realizes he's about to lose to Obama.

  2. Perhaps Old John has become one giant liver spot.

    By the by, How do people know for certain Obama gonna win?

    Since the JFK-Tricky Dick election we've had two types: The blow-out type, LBJ-Goldwater comes to mind and the almost 50-50 split type of election. And this one, featuring Johnny Mac and Obama doesn't have the feel of a blow-out, unless the religious right and other assorted crackers forget to vote.

    If wishes could come true, McGovern, Humphrey, Mondale, Gore and Kerry would all have been presidents.

  3. Photoshopped!

    No way Casper, er, McCain could acquire such a comely hue.


  4. Maybe he will continue darkening until he becomes a blackhole and disappears from our world. Too much to ask for?

  5. Anonymous5:35 AM

    The hair needs work.

  6. There's only so long one can hold one's breath before they jump ethnicities.

    Perhaps it's a gambit to snag the Indian vote...


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