Monday, May 26

And to think...

Alice Paul and Elizabeth Cady Stanton went to jail for the right to vote.


  1. oh my let's hope it was acting and not real. It was real. for reals?

  2. Anonymous10:05 AM

    You gotta admit that caterpillar dance is pretty impressive!

  3. Yeah, but these girls went to jail for the right to party!

  4. Bill, it's something called "reality television." Yeah.

    Physioprof, no I don't.

    Mark, if there's any justice....

  5. well, yeah.... then there's that....

  6. Anonymous8:44 PM

    You know there must have been something that was the reality tv equivalent a thousand years ago. I write it off as part of the human condition.

  7. reality tv before tv?

    slaves and gladiators and all that comes to mind.

    the only good thing is that i doubt those ladies have ever voted!

  8. It's a comment on this society---

    We'll revel in the freak show. We'll try to model ourselves off of other people because the media has become sensationalist to the point that it rewards novelty above substance.

    The true tragedy is that all of those women are trying desperately to be odd and eccentric when the true eccentrics don't have to try to be strange.

    They just are.

    And in comment to pissed in NYC, the human condition is absolutely ridiculous which is what we all are, and I include myself in that characterization.

  9. Let me guess, they all workd for the McCain campaign.

  10. I was channel surfing yesterday and saw two white guys, one older the other probably in his 20, sitting on the stage in just their boxer short ... calling all the women in the audience all kinds of names. Is that what Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and George Washington risk their lives for?

    The short answer is "yes." While the behavior of some people might disappoint us, the beauty of this country is they have the right to act as dumb as they want, as long as they are not hurting anyone else. (And hurting your sensibilities doesn't count.)


  11. Goddam.

    Yahoo was running a featured story on Flavor Flav today and his proposal and what-not.

    BTW, most people on reality shows are out of work actors trying to break into the biz. They're generally happy to amp things up to increase the "drama." And hey, we owe the weekday treat of Elisabeth Hasselbeck's keen insight to her stint on reality TV! It's all based on merit, yessirree!

  12. Oh, get over it and change the channel.
    Just another of those restraints you need to gnaw through each and every day.

    MH @ 3, most likely they went to jail for disorderly, public nuisance, unlawful deposit, battery, assault while asserting their right to party, but forgetting the responsibilities thereto attached.

    It's almost enough to make me rethink my double-wide aspirations.
    Just almost though. When you come right down to it, they'd make preferable neighbors to those screaming for law and order, more prisons and diminished liberty.

    Clowns to the left of me, jokers to my right, here I am...

  13. I am a 'ho, like to fight and have mad talent yet I still want nothing to do with Flava Flav. I don't really like to fight, heh.

  14. What the hell was that??

    Guess I been without a TV for too long, yet not long enough.

    So, I know I've been strange, but... does this mean The Salon's a gonner?


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