Friday, May 23

From the deep South to the Midwest on only three tanks of gas

Back to get the kids this weekend and then we unpack. xoxo Thanks for the support.


  1. that's pretty good gas mileage for a vehicle with a large tank :) good luck! i am currently packing to move- as mr. betmo and i are buying a house. so- feel free to chuckle as you unpack :) who knew we could cram so very much stuff into a 6 room apartment?

  2. Don't forget to stop and smell the roses.
    Good luck .

  3. Be sure to stop in Metropolis to say hi to Lois, Jimmy and the Chief.

    Make the trip back a "learning experience".

    "There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want." -Calvin

  4. We just moved from CT to SF, drove a 16 ft Ryder truck towing a car 3000 miles across the country. I think we spent at least $1000 on gas (but it was still way cheaper than hiring a moving company)

    With diesel currently more expensive than premium, this is putting the hurt on independent truckers.

    We are having a second car shipped by car carrier. This is almost entirely independent truckers doing jobs farmed out to them, and they are true gypsys. One car carrier team, husband / wife, told me they get home about once every three months, if that. Fuel costs must be killing them.

  5. can't wait to hear how you guys are settling in.

  6. Congrats on getting out of Alabama!

  7. Holding you in the light, as always, my dear friend.


  8. BG, glad to hear the first leg of your trip was safe and successful! I'll be thinking of you as you make your way back with the kids!

    Reading your post, and the comments, reinforces that I am never moving again. I want to be buried in my house! ha

    Safe travels! xoxo


  9. Having moved in slow pieces over many months may have been harder - which is what I recently did.

    Anyway - feel the love sister as it is coming in great big waves for you all.

    Safe travels, brilliant beginnings and so much more for you and your kids.

  10. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Happy trails to you!

    I know what you mean. I don't like San Jose, but I will probably die here because I refuse to move again.

    Best regards,


  11. Kids? D'oh! Knew we forgot something!

    Best wishes!

  12. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Wow! Cheap gas. Send me some, willya?

    Happy housewarming, may all good things come to you.


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