Saturday, May 24

Saturday Song, Redux

So would some Fables of the Reconstruction REM make up for Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Right Round (Like a Record)?" Feel free to dedicate it to the public figure of your choice:


  1. Oh, You Spin Me was quite a hit - A very excited cohabitant, even after I referenced a picture of Mssr. Burns in a rather...unflattering pose.


  2. Hey, it's fine to reach back to your Happy Days and find a touchstone.

    Farbeit from me to judge. If you insist that's all it was, I can appreciate.

    I have guilty LISTENING pleasures too. Songs that take me back in time to simpler days. MTV, VH1, YouTube OTOH, can make some of those trips painful.

    Others enhance the journey.
    Red Rubber Ball

  3. huh? wazzup w/blogger? that's not what i said!

    ...i said, "not that rem is anything to sneeze at, but i liked you spin me right round."


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