Thursday, August 10

9/11 changed everything....


...except that Americans have major short-term memory loss.

30% of Americans Forget What Year 9/11 Happened

"Next time let's poll them about that Osama fella."

"Or Saddam's WMD's."

"Ya know, I see that Congressman Delay making a comeback in 2012..."


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  1. We apparently need to come up with cute little buzzwords to help people remember pertinent details.

    As if my misanthropy level couldn't go any higher.

    Maybe Schoolhouse Rock had a good idea.

  2. contest to write a schoolhouse rock song about 9/11? We're so not going there.

    In 2001
    Bush was having fun
    He wasn't gonna gloat
    He read My Pet Goat
    A man came on the scene
    Said some people who were mean
    Were each crashing a plane
    Wait! Where is Bush's brain?

    Oh, sorry. I said we weren't going there. Nevermind.

  3. EWWW! You made an earworm!

  4. DAMN, I had a funny, witty remark all prepared for this post but..... I already forgot what the post was bout.... Oh, look, something shiney....

  5. Just make them stop calling it 9/11 or September 11. Whenever some talking head tells me it's been almost five years since 9/11, I reply (Yeah, I talk to the eye of hell. Don't you?) that it's been almost one year since 9/11, because there's a 9/11 every damned year, dammit.

    There was a series of terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. You want a national day of remembrance? Then call it something other than 9/11. When I say "July 4" do you assume I'm talking about July 4, 1776? Maybe I'm talking about the Independence Day (hm... another name for July 4) celebrations that took place this year. Or last year. Or I'm just giving you a date. My cousin Wendy's birthday happens to be July 4. She was not born in 1776.

    People don't remember that "September 11" happened in 2001 because they keep getting the month and day hammered into their heads without the context of the year. Yes, and also because they're stupid, but that can't be helped. Just give us a nice, memorable name for a day to remember the attacks every September 11, and people will learn that they're remembering a particular 9/11. Maybe. It's worth a shot, anyway.

  6. But sixty percent do remember! And ten percent don't remember . .. . what was the question?

  7. Anonymous7:46 PM

    5 percent apparently don't remember the month of the terrorist attacks :O

  8. I'm encouraged by it, actually. Maybe in a few more years they'll forget that it happened at all, and that'll be the end of the Republican party.

  9. me too, eli, oh yes!

  10. Oh, 9/11/01! I thought you were talking about 9/11/73, the day that the U.S. murdered democratically elected Salvador Allende and installed mass-murdering, torturing Pinochet.

    Sorry for the misread.

  11. Anyway, if 9/11/01 changed everything, perhaps another massive terrorist attack would change everything back. See, Bush et al. haven't actually made us less safe and more vulnerable to attack by creating more Al-Qaeda cells and more animosity toward the U.S. via Iraq and Lebanon and by not doing anything to improve port security, etc.

    Rather, by increasing the chances of another terrorist attack, they're actually trying to return us to a pre-9/11 world, which we all preferred.

    So kick back with some easy-reading Kenneth Starr and rest easy: better times are on the way.

  12. Anyway, if 9/11/01 changed everything, perhaps another massive terrorist attack would change everything back.

    Hmm... So 9/11 was like a blow to the head that gave the U.S. "Constitution Amnesia" or something.


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