Wednesday, August 23



  1. I know that symbol at the end - it is on every piece of clothing I own; I have to lease out other people's balconies when I do laundry.

    Kinda still bitter about my london overcoat which cost $500 on sale - then was told AFTER I bought it, "Oh yes, that is part cashmere so don't allow it to get wet at all."

    I stare, "You just sold me a winter, amazing stylish, overcoat that I can't allow to get WET? In BRITIAN?"

    Sorry, still having clothing tag issues.

  2. Where's the symbol for poor, lonely little 2003 UB313?

  3. this is a test, I've had some problems lately posting comments

  4. Totally off THIS topic but having seen your generous recommend links to ecletic whatnot...Google now has Video search, it's quite new. IMHO there's tons of stuff you wouldn't expect and stuff you would expect but it gets you there faster. On the downside it's a bit disorganized--f'rinstnace if you search for "Red Vs Blue" video clips they don't show up in their proper plot sequence on the return pages.
    Still you can find that, Reboot, Monty Python, MST3K and some truly ghastly full-length films and mid-numbing yet fascinating ephemera. Flash Gordon! 1960's G.E.cinematic infomercials! PSA's like "What to do on your first date!".
    It's nothing less than a treasury of time-wasting tomfoolery!

    I'm just mentioning it is all

  5. As of today you have to put an X over Pluto as it is no longer a planet. You lose pluto but you get to keep uranus.


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