Wednesday, August 23

Just a reminder...

One more day to submit your "New Rule" in the Bill Maher Contest.

There's a new video of Bill here in which he covers events while the show has been on hiatus. It's a bit outdated and the first half is almost word for word a repeat of his Huff Post shill for Israel. At least I'm not alone, his audience doesn't like it either.

Geez. Bill looks like hell. It's gotta be hard to do a timely "pimp the show" video on tape-delay, Bill, but whoever told you channeling Mel Gibson's drunk driver look would do it? They should be so very fired.

My diagnosis is, this man needs to get married. Quick. For the sake of his health, he needs a plump breeder type, who will make him get some sleep, eat something, wash up, and stop smoking so much goddamn pot. It's putting the years on. Being a poster boy for Peter Pan Syndrome is not pretty, Bill. Just saying.

UPDATE: So NOW he's trying to get back into my good graces. Humph.


  1. Anonymous10:31 PM

    There's no such thing as smoking too much goddamn pot.drpog

  2. Hey man. "drpog." It's cool, man. Except the word verification goes at the bottom. And anyone who says there is no such thing as smoking too much pot? Is smoking too much pot.

  3. Anderson Cooper10:38 PM

    That plump breeder type, "Charlie," is so hot she could be a tranny. Wait, I checked out the site, it's just one of those chubby-chaser places. Nevermind.

  4. Two years ago, I would have agreed with anonymous.

    Now I agree with Blue Gal.

  5. I think this anonymous fellow makes a good point. He's a doctor, after all, so he should know.

  6. i think the first thing he needs is a sandwich, then he needs a better makeup artist because he looks like a funeral director did his! he is scary looking anymore!

  7. WebMistress...Submission...Panties.
    Must. Fight. Feelings. Of. Capitulation.


  8. Well if you insist Blue Gal

    here's my submission:
    "You are the hottest webhost, with the best & finest panties in town"

    Who's calling the kettle black???

  9. re: smoking so much goddamned pot.

    try subscribing to what i call the goldie locks method. i think you know what i mean.

    bill got kind of predictable and hackneyed when he was still on comedy fucking central. what on earth has kept you interested all this time?

  10. Hi Blue Gal

    in case the
    "who is calling the kettle black?" crack was too subtle
    it referred to the above
    conversation on pot ...
    pot black - kettle black

    nwevermind, I should have pointed an arrow at the above drpog talk


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