Sunday, August 20

Blogs I've discovered recently...

many more, all hilarious, here.

Couple new folks on the blogroll I wanna mention:

1. After frequent commenter Comrade Kevin left me two comments totalling like 490 words I told him (nicely) to get his own blog. So he did. Go over and say hello!

2. Trolling through Blogexplosion I found yet another good lefty blog: Skipperstyle. Specializes in finding just the right photo for the story. Very nice.

3. Finally, file under strange but good: another one from Blogexplosion. Adventures in Cyberia: Celebrity soap operas told with the help of SIMS2. The latest with Zombie Katie and Tom wanting a baby, is well worth the click, but I wish someone would do a White House version with Zombie Laura getting hit on by Condi, they wind up in the First Lady's bedroom which, of course, is part of the NSA wiretap program. Tune in next time when Alberto gets all hot and bothered listening in on the Sapphic ecstasy. Just a thought.

P.S. Wanna feel old? Original Star Trek turns 40 this year. Fuck.



  1. It may be unwise to admit it, but... check my profile.

  2. Thankie much, Blue Gal.

    *tips hat*

  3. I *love* the Star Trek posters! I am old enough to remember watching at least one episode in the first run ("Spectre of the Gun"), and while I wouldn't dress up and go to a convention, I did take the part of Uhura when playing Star Trek on the playground back in 1967.
    Wow. I am old.

  4. um yeah, i watched star trek first run... love that last picture! i always knew there was something different about their "friendship"...

  5. Gee, I'm as young and fresh as Star Trek!

    My first thought about that pic? "They got it wrong; Spock doesn't *do* eye contact"... ...of course, he was old enough to have learned that people expect it. Spock is SUCH a typical aspie...

    The True Love one reminded me of Israeli headlines: today, the president was found to have forced his sexual attentions on one of the young women in the presidential staff, and the Minister of Justice just handed in his resignation because he forced a one-sidedly passionate kiss on a young woman working in his office.

    Scotty, beam me up...

  6. I also love these Star Trek posters so much I almost put one up on my desktop. Then I realized I would have a Star Trek poster on my desktop.
    Qwerty. WTF is that avatar?

  7. always interested1:10 AM

    I appreciate what skipperstyle (via link) has to say. It's not because there is a war, that it is a just war. I always thought that "military-industrial complex" was a counter-cultural/activist expression from the '70's. Then, I found out that it is an expression used in his stepping down from presidency speech in 1961, by Dwight D. Eisenhower, a Republican, who was Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, in Europe, in WW II. In this speech, after warning against the misuse of power and material wealth, Eisenhower, expressed his wish that "the scourges of poverty, disease and ignorance will be made to disappear from the earth, and that ...all the peoples will come to live together in a peace guaranteed by the binding force of mutual respect and love." (see: Dwight Eisenhower military complex, under Google.) It seems Bushco doesn't have it right, after all.

  8. thanks, i've bookmarked them.

  9. Once again, m'Lass, ye be on th'cuttin ' edge o' zing! Makes ye wonder what be really happenin' durin' those spock/kirk mindmelds!

  10. Qwerty. WTF is that avatar?

    It's Pa Ubu, of course.

  11. Oh thanks for the shout-out!! I've been gone on business for almost a week so I haven't done and update, but I do love your Bush/Cheney/Condi idea... hehe.


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