Friday, August 18

Memo to Neil Cavuto


From Media Matters:

Summary: Neil Cavuto introduced a Your World segment discussing media coverage of the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict by stating, "[I]s the liberal media fueling terror?" Throughout the segment, onscreen text repeated Cavuto's question.

CAVUTO: All right, Jamal, the image is "Israel bad, Hezbollah good." Is that a fair image, or is that the image you're getting?

He just had to ask. Here's the image I'm getting, Neil:

Neil Cavuto


  1. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Be ye sayin' th'man an' th'rectum be related?

  2. ROTFL, I'm laughing till my sides hurt, here...

    Where did the media say that the Hizbollah is good? I must have missed that. Perhaps 'cause I was watching footage of Lebanese civilians (not Hizbollah, about half not even Muslim) having their homes destroyed right on top of them.

    The media was definitely sating the Hizbollah was attacking Israeli civilians - I caught plenty of that. No undertones of approval for it, either.

    My buddy, Israeli poet Sami Shalom Chetrit wrote about the Israeli response to this - don't go there if pictures of dead children is disturbing to you. I translated the poem, though, and could hear the Israeli contingent angrily protesting the possibility that Lebanese children should be kept safe from wars.

    (Beware. It is a poem of explosive power. It is not saying that the Zionists are Nazis - it is saying that they keep SAYING they're not Nazis, over and over and over again...)

  3. I've been hearing this same clap-trap since the so-called cease-fire was announced, that the "media" somehow sided with Hizbollah. I did see more footage of dead Lebanese, and I think I know why that was the case...

    I think the bigger question is "Is Neil Cavuto helping to fuel stupidity?"

    That'd be a yup.

  4. If it came right down to it, would you rather have

    a) wall-to-wall coverage of Israel versus Hezbollah,


    b) the latest young, white, blonde, rich, missing girl?

  5. Dear American Public,

    If I had more money I would buy you all a clue.

  6. I think the bigger question is "Is Neil Cavuto helping to fuel stupidity?"

    That'd be a yup.

    oh, that's it right there. the only question, is he doing it because it's the what the station wants, what he believes or what the administration is pushing him to do , or all 3?

  7. Anonymous9:07 AM

    To accuse Cavuto here of only "fuelling STUPIDITY" is to wildly misunderstand his intended impact on our lives.

    We are currently a FREE people. To remain FREE, we must be informed with TRUTH from our "free press". Otherwise, we are just subjects to a despot who feeds us with an information eyedropper like so many baby birds.

    There is not even any subtlety here: Cavuto is suggesting that ANY information considered "biased" against the Administration or any of its policies is "HELPING THE ENEMY" -- and should thus NOT BE ALLOWED. Only the state-approved message should be shown to THE PEOPLE, in order to NOT "help our enemies".

    Karl Rove stands ready to provide that exclusive barrage of propaganda.

    Make no mistake; Cavuto is advocating that we abandon our freedom, our rights, and our self-rule, and instead agree to being kept ignorant and propagandized by a TYRANT, the STATE.

    Cavuto -- and FOX -- are doing nothing less than advocating the DESTRUCTION of this great experiment called America. It is THEY who are the enemies of the American People, our freedom, and our precious Constitution. It is THEY who wish to remove our liberty and enslave us to the whims of a dictatorial Monarch, subject ONLY to his whims of propaganda.

    Thus, Cavuto here is not just "stupid" -- he (and FOX, and the rest of rightwing media) are VERY VERY Dangerous to this nation and its continued survival as a beacon of freedom and liberty. To underestimate their true goal is to let them continue to advance, one step (of a jackboot) at a time.

  8. Amen! Thanks for stopping by, Tex. Preaching to the choir, but they need the inspiration, too.

  9. Rectum? Damn near killed 'im!

  10. When World O'Crap ran a "Write Like A Wingnut" competition I channeled none other than Neil Cavuto and won a 16-oz mug for my efforts. Though devoid of any cutting-and-pasting I somehow managed to conjure a convincing facsimile. In parody, "Your World" BECAME MY "world"--but only for an instant.
    IMHO Cavuto is increaingly desperate to make HIS world, YOUR world. Frankly, he makes O'Reilly seems reasonable. Lucky for him Pluto's status has been secured. Unlucky for him it's significance is still nominal. He might want to consider relocating to O'Reilly's home planet, the mercurial Mercury--it's hotter and equally devoid of intelligent life but at least its not so distant from earthl existence.

    (0kay, I admit that was a lame conclusion to my comment--sue me! Apperently my cordless mouse needs new batteries).

  11. about cavuto,o'rielly and fox and the rest:

    as the late, beloved mr. roger's might have said,

    "can you say pravda children? i knew you could!"

  12. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Honey, did you mean rectum, or anus? Guess it doesn't matter, because calling Fox News "personalities" assholes is really just redundant no matter how you parse it.

    Ooh Sherry I thought you said Prada and I almost got a woody. I've gotta read more slowly!!!

  13. Anonymous12:22 AM

    Whose war was it, anyway? For reference to American planes carrying bombs to Israel, see Sojomail 08.09.06 and click on Articles You May Have Missed. There's also an article about an Israeli soldier being jailed for refusing to fight in Lebanon. And that ain't all. Two of the articles are from Israeli newspapers. There's a poignant article in this issue of Sojomail called Reflections on the Lebanon I Know, by Deanna Murshed. No matter how much some people try to demonize the victims of this war, there are human beings on both sides of the border, and there was no excuse for this. There are peace activists in Israel. There are.


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