Thursday, August 31

Alright, Alright. I'm first in line for the audition, though.

I don't have time to create a separate blog. But if you want a sign up sheet, comments here will have to do ya. Leave your name and city only, please. Yes, men and those of us past our prime are welcome.


  1. Anonymous10:23 AM

    I'm second after you, BG.

    Julie, San Francisco

  2. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Hey, I'd proudly be his mother!

  3. hey, he can be my baby, i can be his, heck, i'll be happy to bake him a cake!

  4. It isn't possible, but after that commentary last night, I'D have his baby. A-mazing.

  5. I'm working on a solution to men being unable to have babies, 'cause I'd most certainly carry the seed of Keith after last night.

    My work is very scientific. I'm currently viewing the film "Junior" starring Schwarzenegger. Hard work, it is

  6. Outing myself as entirely clueless... uh... who's that, and what's up?

  7. Keith Olbermann. Watch. The. Whole. Thing.

    It's a moment. A real live moment.


    Crooks and Liars deserves major props, once again, for posting it.

  8. Well. Well-well-well!

    Seeing statements like that made on national TV implies - well - SOME awareness, at least. Some big pile of awareness that even the right wing is able to see.

    Tell you what - if you have his baby, I'll take said baby to the park anytime you're in town...

  9. Anonymous8:09 PM

    I'm too old to have his baby, but I'll very happily BE his baby!!! I love him!!

  10. With my luck, our love-chiled would have his looks and my brains.



  11. Anonymous11:33 PM

    Dissent is not disloyalty. And he might be a little too old for me, but I'd like to sleep with his mind.

  12. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Well, BlueGal, looks like I'm last in line here, but yes, I would to have KO's baby! KO is intelligent, well-spoken, and handsome. Put me on the waiting list. :)

  13. Anonymous10:59 PM

    I discovered this list late. So I say we draw straws.

    Now I just have to figure out how to rig the game.

  14. I dunno.

    It's been kind of a cross-training week for me: I promised that I would switch teams for Freddie Mercury, then I fell in love with KO.

    Having his baby is...maybe a bit much all at once, maybe.

    Do we even know he wants to procreate with a bunch of bloggers?

  15. I'll have his baby....and I make really cute ones too!

    Of course, the combination of our eyebrows would mean that our kid would resemble Andy Rooney, but I'd find some way to deal with it.

    I still have goosebumps from the sheer power of listening to honesty on the airwaves.

  16. Anonymous10:05 PM

    I'm too old to have it, but I'll babysit his baby!

  17. Anonymous11:10 PM

    Keith was so freakin' manly in his commentary tonight, his superhuman cojones might have automatically impregnated all the females watching him. God I love him.

  18. Anonymous11:52 PM

    I love Keith ... wish I could have quintuplets by him ... I send a flood of emails to all my friends with clips of his "Special Comments" .... and I let msnbc know that I support him...that he is the only reason I watch their network

    please let msnbc know that you support Keith ...

  19. Anonymous12:04 AM

    yes - Yes - YESSSSSSSS!

  20. Anonymous12:29 AM

    Can't have anymore kids but we could practice ALOT!


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