Friday, August 11

Feeling anxious? Time for a cartoon.

lots of other good ones at NatalieDee

This editorial
is all over the web, but for once it's worth being part of the buzz.

The skies over the Atlantic cannot be less safe than the roads around Birmingham, Alabama today. I saw four, count 'em, four rear endings today, half involving three cars. People driving tired? They musta been up late last night watching terror news. Why do people watch fear mongering in a belief that they will be informed? Why are people so uptight about what's going on in their panties, and everybody else's, but not worried about what's going on between the ears?

Off topic, how did I miss National Underwear Day Wednesday? Must be jet lag. Get some sleep this weekend, people. I hope to be back on Central Time mentally (so glad we flew back earlier this week) by Monday.


  1. Welcome home, just 88 more days of crap like this to go. The rethugs will 9/11 every chance they can to divert attention from reality.
    But let me share a story, just before the 2004 election I overheard my butcher say "I'm voting for Bush cause he kicks ass". Yesterday I hear "Well of course there is a terrorist plot, Liberman lost the election"
    "OH the times they are a changing"


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