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Republican Lite? Here's what I'm talking about!

xian by choice
And by 'Democrat,' I mean LIBERAL.

Those of you blessed to live outside of this Christian Taliban region have no idea:

[Alabama's] Democratic leaders revealed a "Covenant for the Future" on Tuesday with issues they plan to introduce during the 2007 legislative session, but critics said many of the proposals, such as banning PAC-to-PAC transfers, have been killed by Democrats in past sessions.

Democrats in Alabama have killed plenty of anti-PAC legislation in the past. It's such a dilemma in politics between appearing pro-reform and actually reforming.

In addition to banning transfers between political action committees, the covenant also includes

...passing an amendment saying life begins at conception,
...requiring public schools to offer Bible literacy curriculum, [and]
...passage of the Alabama Border Protection Act."

Oh. I almost forgot the tax cuts and one-man one-woman marriage stuff.

I am not making this up. Alabama Democrats, shorter version: no abortion, pro-Bible, anti-Hispanic, anti-gay.

"House Minority leader Rep. Mike Hubbard, R-Auburn, issued a scathing response to the Democratic initiative Tuesday, calling it the "worst case of political plagiarism in Alabama history."

Waah! They're trying to steal our platform! Mark this date down, folks. For once, Blue Gal agrees with a Republican.

I love what Loretta Nall had to say about that "Border Protection Act":

"Alabama doesn't have a border with a foreign country. Maybe we should pass a bill that says our lawmakers have to pass a geography course before they can serve."

Too late, Loretta. Alabamians are gonna be way too busy with their BIBLE curriculum. Jesu Christi, make sure the unaborted kids of all those illegals you deport get to know their Ten Commandments! [major props to Nall for this whole story, btw]

I want an eleventh commandment. If thou art a Democrat, thou shalt not be a Republican. How hard can that be?

"Uh, could you repeat the question?"

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  1. "Alabama doesn't have a border with a foreign country. Maybe we should pass a bill that says our lawmakers have to pass a geography course before they can serve." YES in-deedy!

    (Sounds like a good "new rule" to me, BG.)

    Ms. Nall: I hereby retract all my previous anti-Libertarian rantings, at least in your case. I thought things in New Jersey were bad...

    Good grief.

  2. It's not surprising how ignorant most state legislators are.

    The Liberal/Progressive folk who live in the Birmingham metro area have historically been given second preference to the country bumpkins who believe in all of this conservative invective.

    And if you'll examine the candidates who have run for high elected office and are its most powerful, you will notice quite quickly that almost all of them hail from Bumpkinstock and/or Bumfuck.

    This precedent stems from the days of George Wallace. The Birmingham area was the most harshly critical of him, so he consolidated power in Montgomery and elsewhere and punished Birmingham.

    For example, the interstate highways around Birmingham were some of the last to be paved in the state.

    So, once again, here is an example of Birmingham versus the rest of the state.

    In Georgia, it's much the same. Atlanta versus the rest of the state. And in Atlanta, particularly, it's the "Inside the Perimeter" people versus the "Outside the Perimeter" folks.

  3. If thou art a Democrat, thou shalt not be a Republican. How hard can that be?

    Hey, it worked for Billy and the DNCers. In fact, you could argue (although I don't) that the Repugs had to move further to the right to differentiate themselves from the Demi-crats.

  4. Well, you could propose a commandment, but it wouldn't apply to Liebermann anyway would it? I mean he does play be a different set of theological rules.

    On the serious side, I hate it when anyone attacks a person of faith simply because of their faith. Attack them if they're stupid if you want, but lay off the religion.

    I guess I can say that sense I'm an atheist.

  5. Poobah, I absolutely do not attack Alabama legislators for any personal faith they may espouse. I do attack them for their pandering to the worst bigotry and ignorance our state possesses, that against non-Baptists, non-Christians, and anyone who appreciates our country's separation of church and state.

  6. Jeesh, Blue Gal, and I thought we had a monopoly on homophobic, Jesus-loving, ignorant, panderers of immorality and practioners of stupidity here in Florida. In Florida, tho, we call 'em Republicans!

    You guys in Alabama are in deep ca-ca!

  7. Us poor souls here in Bamatown really only have two choices -- really, really conservative Democrats or REALLY, REALLY, REALLY conservative Republicans.

  8. Anonymous1:59 AM

    Okay. There can be free will and grace, if that is their faith. The bumper sticker's got it backwards. An elementary class in geography isn't the only thing needed, here. Oh, and we're dealing with some of that mix of church and state, here in Canada. One hope that we have, is that if our minority (very conversative) federal government falls to a no confidence vote in parliament, there will be another party ready to get themselves elected. I hope for changes in your country, as well.

  9. always interested2:04 AM

    Whoops. I meant to sign that email, about how there can be free will and grace and my hope for goverment changes both here in Canada and in your country.

  10. I am lucky to live just over the county line from Tom DeLayland and in the congressional district of Rep. Ron Paul, nominally a Republican but one of the most progressive in Congress! He is actually a Libertarian popular in some of the few counties in Texas that are traditionally Democratic. The Republican stronghold of DeLay's district has a very good chance of going Democratic this fall. A judge ruled the Republicans can't remove DeLay's name and can only do write-ins. The process for "write-in" is more complicated than programming a VCR, so you can imagine what the "seniors" are going to do!

    Tom DeLay did shave off Santa Fe, TX out of Galveston County to include in his FORMER district. Santa Fe is very redneck and infamous for their court fight that went all the way to the Supremes, where it was ruled they could no longer have Southern Baptist prayer at school functions unless they were student-initiated and led. Yes, prayer now so spontaneous, that prayer and these students' names are printed beforehand in programs!

  11. the thing that strikes me is how very many times i've heard from radio and tv talkers about "where are the moderate, the normal, the average... muslims?" "WHY aren't they speaking out against these radical fundamentlist/political muslims, why aren't they distancing themselves from the fringe?"

    here in pa. there's an old saying"pennsylvania is pittsburgh and harrisburg with alabama inbetween."

    they're right, it pretty much is.

    well, look at what the christians HERE get clobbered whith when they speak out against the "christian" brand of fringe, hard core radical christian/political types

    and the christians that do speak out here don't have a tiny bit of the risk that muslims face.

    is it any wonder a lot were/are silent. look at the crap one gets just blogging against these people that use the bible as their mandate.

    just my rant .

  12. That's What I Hate About the South.

    Born GA Raised in FL.

    I know all about Christian hate mongers.

    Tried to change the system in the 70's

    Left the South in the 80's

    Moved to the West Coast in the 90's

    I now live among people who are tolerant.

  13. Sherry, I have had much the same thought. I guess religious extremism and intolerance is only bad when *other* people do it.

  14. hi eli, that goes for most things, sadly. it's an" ok if it's me doing it, it's bad if you do it!" mentality.

  15. So, is the border protection act meant to keep Alabamans from escaping?

  16. My brother sent me an email about the Democrats' new "covenant", and I had to read it a couple of times to be sure he didn't mean to say "Republicans". It is too bad that the Dems are so scared of being out-Jesused.

  17. I ended up living at Dennis Hastert Corner (with Good Old Denny as my REP - nuff said!


    Or he will be my REP - until this next election [Hoping for a Laesch Victory!]) -

  18. In my view, the social issues like abortion, gun control and gay marriage do not define what a Democrat is. I happen to support the Democratic Party because it has historically been the party of activist government and looked after the interests of working people.

    Many rank and file Democrats, in the South and elsewhere, are socially conservative. It's time for the Democratic Party represent mainstream values and I applaud Alabama Democrats for the platform.
    We need to move back to the center on social issues and become the party of working families once again.


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