Tuesday, August 8

I think I'm losing it.


Maybe it's the weather. We are not going to talk about the weather. Maybe it's sleep deprivation. But today on Norbizzy I actually endorsed John McCain.

It's just that with the way things are going, Bob Ney bowing out, Kansas School Board kicked out, our boy Delay having to face the voters, it's looking very good for our side. So THEN what do we do? Norbizness says there will be ample opportunity for mirth, and sure, there are plenty of Dems who take Themselves Too Seriously, but what is more important?

The blog


Our planet?
The nation?
The future?

I'm not sure McCain is the best target for bloggers. I'd really love it if Katherine Harris would aim a little higher, ya know? Even Sean Hannity for President. 'Kay I just had to Google Blog Search that one. Too bad Conservative Guy 101 has deleted his blog, 'cause he thinks "hannity" would make a great president (sic) in 08' (sic) because "He believes in securing the boarders" (sic). Those pesky boarders, always eating the last piece of American cheese and not paying their part of the phone bill on time. They need to be secured. First and last month's rent, or kick them south of the boarder!

See what I mean? It's too easy. Am I just lazy? Crazy?

Nah, it's sleep deprivation. I'll be better in the morning.


  1. ah, but this picture could cause you to lose sleep! ; )

    me? i'm saving it to my screensaver!


  2. Ooops...that Shill for an Empty Suit will Nevah get my support.

    Nope...McCain has sold his soul and i don't Dance with the Devil.

  3. It's okay Karen, I got a nap. No more McCain endorsements, even in jest, which of course it was. Thank you for your concern.

  4. Anderson Cooper8:56 AM

    the stork jockstrap:

    somebody got paid to photograph it
    somebody got paid to model it
    somebody got paid to design it
    somebody got paid to sew it

    I'm underpaid.

  5. love the stork! have a great vacation.


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