Monday, August 28

Blue Gal - The Katrina Blogswarm Edition which the no-bid Haliburton contractors are greeted as liberators by NOLA dead bodies being eaten by rats.

Speaking of cost-overruns, somebody is selling these panties on the web for nine dollars and ninety cents. Do they take FEMA debit cards? Just asking.


But while we're all on topic here, yeah, I wanna send a blog job*** out to David Stephenson. While we're all dumping debris on this administration, there are plenty of positive actions we technologically adept people can do to help in the next disaster. I mean, besides getting the f**k out of the way of a hurricane. I do think we've learned that lesson. Mayors now know how to commandeer school buses. Good. I especially like David's ideas of buying a $20 pair of walkie talkies and also subscribing to the rss feed of the National Hurricane Center. No brainers, but then again, so is our President.

I am with the President (gag) in thinking that cleaning up after a Cat4 is going to take longer than one year. I am sorry that it's taken six years for a great many Americans to see the disaster they (the Supreme Court) first elected (not) in 2000. Bush did not order this storm. But he sure did order the storm in the Middle East, the wrecking winds blowing over our beloved Constitution, and the roaring waters washing away our domestic infrastructure. He is the worst disaster to hit America, ever. We'll rebuild. It will take years.

***David his own self came up with that term and he says it was a typo. So what exactly were you typing, David? Geez.


  1. Is $9.90 expensive? Would putting panties into all of our posts get us a lot more visitors?

    - BlueWaveNJ

  2. Nope. I've got the corner on panties. If you tried it all your
    commenters would be like "hey, why are you copying Blue Gal?"

    $9.90 is expensive for three feet of stretch lace. Yeah.

  3. Too Funnie: *blog-job*

    BTW...I know I'm a techno-dweeb...BUT
    Where is your *archive* section? Or am I missing it?


  4. Got rid of it on advice from Brainshrub, thinking was it takes up valuable real estate. Why, do you miss it?

  5. The answer is that I wasn't thinking: I gave it up, along with red meat, in the fall of 1984, and have never noticed the diffence since. Did I mean to say blob job???

  6. Anonymous11:28 PM

    Too bad shrub still refers to the people of New Orleans as "those people". A year ago, he referred to them as "those people", "in that part of the world".

  7. David, honey, when you're deputy director of DHS there will be more blob jobs than even you can handle.

    Archives are restored at the bottom of the sidebar, folks.

  8. Wow, how can they be called panties?! I wonder if I get a shoelace and tie it in the right shape, I could sell it for such a profit?

    PS. Came here via Alaskan Dave's


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