Sunday, August 13

Breaking: Jill Carroll to appear online

From The Christian Science Monitor, Jill's newspaper:

Jill Carroll is telling her story. In an 11-part series that starts Sunday night, Aug. 13, Jill will tell the tale of her three months in captivity. The series also relates what was being done in Boston, Washington, Baghdad and elsewhere to free her. The online series will include videotaped interviews with Jill, her family, and Monitor colleagues on "Team Jill." Other video includes Jill's answers to reader questions. Watch the video trailer here.

I wonder if those jerks on Imus are ready to apologize to her yet. Interesting that she's doing the interviews direct to internet.

I'd bet she's going to have some KIND WORDS for the people of Iraq. The Monitor probably won't let her say "sorry about Bush and Rumsfeld being such pieholes," though.


  1. Bluegal- just for the fact that it'll piss off GW and co keep celebrating the bearded ones b-day.


  2. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Thanks for posting this. I wouldn't have caught it.

  3. Imus and fellow bozos apologizing? Not likely. They still haven't apologized for verbally abusing Contessa Brewer on the air a year ago, an incident where, if it had happened in a corporate office, she could've sued them for sexual harassment.

    Does anybody watch these schmucks? I can't understand why all the politicos want to be on that mess.


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