Thursday, August 17

Only one more week for the New Rule contest.

Bill loves Blue Gal

Enter here in comments. Or send a photoshop of the original poster to

All photoshops win an appearance and a link on Blue Gal.

Write your own New Rule and you might win an autographed Bill Maher book or poster.

Contest ends August 24.


  1. Anonymous8:05 PM


  2. For those of you not blessed to know the cap'n, that stands for "laughing my fine lesbian pirate queen ass off."

    As only the Cap'n can.

  3. OK, you have to drop the "fat" comment. I've seen pictures, BG, and you're libeling yourself!

    Great poster otherwise!!

  4. How bout "LMFNLPQOTAO!"

    (Laughing My Fine Non-Lesbian Pirate Queen of Typos Ass Off!)

    Works for me...*wink*


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