Monday, August 21

Now everybody's joining the party. Good.

Not only has Comrade Kevin started his own blog, but long time commenter, heck, long time personal-friend-o'mine Qwerty has started a blog too. Not ever to be confused with Queerty. Not at all.

Memo to Qwerty: It is about frickin' time, pal. Now get Sport on the bandwagon, too, will ya?

Memo to Blue Gal readers: Get used to his blog being better than the one you're currently reading. Back in college he was the English Major. And he went to film school. So he knows a lot of stuff I don't about stuff like, Dada. And ska. And beat poets. He's just cooler than me, that's all. That's okay, I've known him for 21 years so I've gotten used to it.

But he's gotten used to me just coming up with something like this:


So I think we're even.


  1. How dare you misrepresent me like that! You've Photoshopped that (ahem) garment onto an actual image of my totally hot body!

  2. Who you calling big fat nose
    What? do you expect to chisel it like Michael Jackson.

    This is one nose that ain't going under the knife ......... again.

    I'm bragging really
    I've got a real cute nose.
    A real kissable kindda nose. lol!
    So Blue Gal where can I order a pair of those from - hot mail???


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