Tuesday, August 29

Don't Sugarcoat It Awards for August 29

Usually, the Don't Sugarcoat It Awards are for those who succinctly dope slap the President or his administration. The recent Katrina blogswarm did an excellent job of that (thanks, Shakes, you're fab) so today I wanted to highlight two other blogs that covered differing issues with good writing and sharp prose.

The first award goes to the group blog Corrente, for their lovely post on the Connecticut/Lieberman thang. This post is not over the top with swear words, but when the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee pretends that there are now two Democrats in the race for US Senate in Connecticut, I think calling that chairman a "wet fart of a Beltway Insider" is both appropriate and lacking in sugar. (Betcha that guy can make a folding metal chair sing.)

The second award goes to David E's Fablog. Lotsa don't sugarcoating will be happening today on the whole why-aren't-there-DNA-tests in Bangkok issue, but David E. does as fine a job as any:

Gasp! Clutch the pearls! How can this possibly be with everyone from Nancy Grace to Larry King to “famed psychic” Sylvia Browne picking their teeth in the wings.

Yes after ten years the 6-year-old beauty queen, like Generalissimo Francisco Franco is STILL DEAD !

...But it was great TV, wasn’t it Binky? And it did the job it was designed to do: “Hey look over there!

Tomorrow I'll be blogging about blogging. Have a good one.

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