Monday, August 21

Live streaming Blue Gal!

I agreed to an interview on all things blogospherian with the wonderful Brainshrub.

The interview will stream at 7 pm Eastern time at WPVM's website here. I probably left out a whole buncha stuff, but I enjoyed talking with Paul -V-.

If you're reading this a little late, I'm told the interview will be archived here for about a week. Look for the "Tips for Political Bloggers" show. I did not provide any tips. Just talked about panties. And having the best commenters in the blogosphere. I did talk about that.


  1. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Love th'panteloons!

  2. Blue Gal, can't resist it
    The vision came to mind of you doing the interview just waring the frillies -
    but there's no visual, and the imagination runs riot. I should try and pay attention, but I'm just rolling about at my own stupid joke.
    Anyway, shoot from the hip >>>
    Tell it like it is >>>>>>>>>>>


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