Tuesday, August 1

BREAKING: Snowy to head the Department of Conflict Scheduling? Not on Ahnold's watch...

photo stolen from the poo-meister

"One of the higher-profile meetings on climate change is set to bring together this week British Prime Minister Tony Blair, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and about 25 chief executive officers of major corporations around the world.

But President Bush's top environmental adviser, James Connaughton, won't attend, because of a scheduling conflict, said White House spokeswoman Kristen Hellmer."

The Aristocrats say this is a bigger problem for George than just global...

h/t Rising Hegemon

correction: It's probably all over the web, but Sappho had the panties on the line before Poo. Just correcting the record.


  1. Anonymous8:14 PM

    George be th'problem me, m'Lass.

    Can I steal ye wonderful 'borrowed' pic?

  2. I saw that graphic somewhere today and it did make me laugh... probably one of the few I had today. I'll take 'em when I can get 'em!! :-)

  3. you have a point there - hanging on the far right side of the laundry line.

    That makes you responsible for TWO OUT OF TWO laughs today, bless you forever... ...yer eighty zillion times better than the dust of snow. And eight thousand zillion gaquillions squigglyfillions dusts of Snow.

  4. I think Papa already has Jenna and Barb wearing the 2007 “no-thong” version. Wouldn’t want ‘em to burn them delicate private parts.

  5. No need for the linkie, Blue, those panties look best on you anyways!!! :)
    Much respect,


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