Friday, September 29

Bush comes to Birmingham

And freeway blogging hits the Deep South!

So who did this, and why didn't they invite me to help? (h/t Birmingham Blues)


  1. I really don't understand how he can equate "the Democratic party of FDR and Truman" with "cutting and running".

    1. FDR had a large hand in provoking Japan to attack Pearl Harbor; at the time the US was the world's largest exporter of petroleum and he more or less cut off Japan's supply of it. No one wants to talk about that, of course. No one wants to talk about how we were fighting WWII for against the Nazis well before 7 December 1941 by providing the Allied Powers with weapons and financial aid.

    2. Truman, for God's sake, got himself bogged down in an unwinnable war in Korea. Eisenhower got swept into office vowing to "cut and run" our asses out of that hopeless quagmire.

    I can only hope no one believes Dubya anymore.

  2. This PIC is TOO Damn FUNNIE.

    Such Clever Birminghamians!

    Bush IS The Devil Indeed! And McCain has sold his soul to try to become the Devil himself for a Four-Year Stint.

  3. I love it when conservatives tell liberals what to think, how to act, or who their heroes should be or what those heroes would do or think.

    Wonder what Mr. Bush thinks now that HIS party is the party of "pull them off and get naked"...


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