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Win in 2006? Maybe we just don't want to...

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An article in next month's Atlantic Monthly
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An article in next month's Atlantic Monthly says maybe the Democrats shouldn't want to win in 2006, but save it up in their pants for 2008. Well, Atlantic Monthly doesn't say "in their pants," but still:

...leaders in both parties do seem to share a fundamental pessimism about the country’s immediate future—and about the ability of Congress to do anything about it. ...One Democratic Senate staffer, who’d prefer two more years in the minority to a narrow majority, notes, “It’s the difference between demanding a plan for Iraq and having to unveil one.” In other words, the fear of winning in 2006 is really all about the fear of losing—and the sense that over the next two years the nation still has more to lose.

With no offense intended to my fellow Pennsylvanians (and Blue Gal's whole immediate family will be voting for Casey, mind) I might be willing to hang on to lil' Ricky Santorum for another six just on pure entertainment value alone. And while there's no hope for the Katherine Harris campaign, I wish we could watch her boobs address the US Senate through the magic of YouTube videoshopping. Yeah, having those clowns in the US Senate sure would be funny...

that is, if it weren't the future of the fucking United States of America we're talking about here.

What, you think Blue Gal is not a patriot? She hates America? If you think that, you have not been listening.

Nah, we've taken enough Republican abuse. Throw their stuff out on the lawn. Get. Out. Now.


  1. we have to fight now and in 2008. and we have to keep fighting in between and after. we, the people, in order to take our country back from theocratic rednecks, have to fight against the tyranny and propaganda. we have to stand up for what is right and move forward- whether maps or polls or numbers say we are winning or not. statistics can be skewed- so we have to keep being involved. if we give up now- all is lost and america will be gone forever. i had almost my full cup of coffee this morning :)

  2. Blue Gal, your wisdom is inspiration.

    Bloggers, we must listen to this woman. One wonders if we'll see the Bush Administration's damage reversed in our lives.

  3. I'm not sure we can pry their fingers off the keys to the place. Some of them are determined not to release their lips from the prez's ass.

    Most important thing all of us can do is vote. It very well may be our last chance.

  4. As far as the Senate staffer is concerned, who would rather lose than win; you have to be completely spineless to get your head up your ass. This simple anatomical fact often goes unnoticed.

  5. Anonymous2:45 PM

    I think the people understand what's up, even if the politicos don't. I have to believe the majority will do the right thing in November (otherwise, it's too damned depressing for words).

  6. An article in next month's Atlantic Monthly says maybe the Democrats shouldn't want to win in 2006, but save it up in their pants for 2008.

    Supreme Court.

    Also, Supreme Court, Supreme Court, and Supreme Court.

    And subpoena powers.

  7. This goes well with conservative comments to the effect that the Republicans should really want to lose in 2006, too. Doesn't ANYONE want to win? I say, in the immortal words of the Democratic nominee for Attorney General here, David Van Os, fight 'em until hell freezes over then fight them on the ice!

  8. I think it would be better if we got rid of people on both sides of the aisle who are not doing a good enough job, and whoever has the majority then is as it should be. Here is the great secret to American politics. Republicans don’t want to hurt the US and Democrats don’t want to hurt the US, they just both have different vision of where this country is headed and where it should be headed. Voting for a politician simply because he belongs to one party or another is ignorant. We should all vote for the person who has a vision for the future that we most closely agree with, and not because they are an elephant or a donkey.

  9. Anonymous1:40 AM

    Well freakin' said, Blue Gal. Today, Justice Dennis O'Conner in Canada delivered his findings on the inquiry regarding Maher Arar. Maher is in his 30's, moved to Canada from Syria with his family at 17, and is now married with two young children. As a business person, he kept dual citizenship In Canada and Syria. He used to travel on business, often. Till 4 years ago, he was an engineer, in our country, Canada. Then, he was arrested at the airport in New York on his way back here from vacation and/or business. American authorities contacted Canadian authorities who it turned out, had put him on a suspected terrorist list, and provided it to American authorities. Nope--Americans didn't need to send Maher back to Canada. Instead, American authorities sent him to Syria, where he was kept in a small prison cell for about a year. He was tortured. It took a long time for his wife and others to get Maher back home to Canada. He thought he was safe back here, till Canadian authorities started leaking information to the media suggesting that there was every reason for Maher to have been deported to a country where he no longer lived, Syria, with huge questions raised about whether he was actually tortured, and of course--that's why he was sent there in the first place. The judge here didn't think much of the false confession that was tortured out of him. In fact, the judge said that everything about the case against Maher Arar was false--very poorly put together, and false. The RCMP (federal police, Canada) had put him on a terrorist list for having lunch once with a man they suspected of being a terrorist. The judge was appalled at Maher's treatment, and very clear in his findings. Now, Maher is afraid to board any plane in this country that might go through American air space. An observant Muslim, he's afraid to look as though he's praying while on a plane--wouldn't want to look "suspicious" and get arrested again! We are so knee deep in Ka-Ka on this continent right now, that any change for the better is what we need--as soon as possible--while we all still have the opportunity to vote. So--let's do that.

  10. Now............................or "never"..........


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