Saturday, September 30

Distraction action?

Sex play with pages and interns is nothing new and is not reserved for Republicans. (Kudos to Pfizer for running a "men's sexual health" ad on that page when I clicked it!) But as I commented at C&L: There is a larger problem here. The House Republicans under Tom Delay have come to believe with reasonable cause that this is "their" House. Thanks to gerrymandering, there are so few "unsafe" house seats for either side that the concept of "public service" is out the window. They are there for the perks. Anyone would be in this kind of corrupt system.

I really don't like the idea of term limits. But in this instance, the only solution is a strong anti-incumbency vote by the American People. I can't really see that happening in this money game where it takes at least half a mill to launch a congressional campaign against an incumbent. My own Alabama Republican congressman, Spencer Bachus, is running unopposed.

Those who say sexy text messaging a minor will get the public's attention? What is Fox News running today? Is there a blond vacationer missing somewhere? Baby in a well? Maybe Michael Jackson could do something stupid.


  1. This was was chairman of the House Committe on Missing and EXPLOITED Children.

    Was he using his committee as a way to do some "research," one wonders?

    When he going to be arrested, is what I want to know. And when will we hear some Dems make an issue of this, if ever?

  2. Anonymous4:59 PM

    If (and this is still a big if) Democrats take control of the House, they will need to do two things immediately (though only one will take effect immediately): first, use their power under Art. I, Sec. 4 to mandate that House Districts be drawn by nonpartisan panels without regard to incumbency once (and only once) after each census. They should also require that Texas and Georgia redraw their districts immediately if they want their delegations seated. Two, they should pass full public financing of congressional campaigns. I am a VERY reluctent convert to public financing b/c of the possibility for dirty tricks by the gov't, but short of overturning Buckley v. Valeo (which held that $$ = free speech) its the only way to reverse the plutocracy and restore the republic. Public financing will not pass the Senate (if the GOP holds it) and if it did, Bush would veto it. Fine. Pass it anyway and use it as a campaign issue in '08. These two issues are absolutely essential if we want to meet Dr. Frankin's challenge and keep our democracy.

  3. Anonymous5:08 PM

    I think a real messae will come when this lot of criminals is tried for crimes against humanity and if they think slipping in a torture bill of immunity will stop them from being tried I 'd be willing to bet they're wrong.

    It's going to take a person with backbone and soul. Tick tock tick tock...

  4. Anonymous5:54 PM

    The biggest part of this scandal may be that the House leadership knew about it for almost a year but did nothing other than slapping Foley on the wrist. The Democratic member on the Pages Committee was not told about the incidents, and Foley was not removed from his leadership of the Missing and Exploited Childrens' Caucus.

    Party of family values, my ass!

  5. BG, I was told yesterday that the OTM Dems are running a campaign to write in Ken Forbes.

  6. Blue Gal, your blog is interesting. Thanks for putting Alabama Kitchen Sink on your blogroll. When I get a little more time, I need to start one of my own and add you to it.

    I could hardly believe my eyes this morning when I saw CNN's mention about the Washington Times calling for Speaker Hastert's resignation. I had to write about it and actually read the editorial. At least some on the right have some sense.


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