Friday, September 29

Happy 10th Anniversary, South Park

You know I don't have a television, but I do love Trey and Matt. And they love Blue Gal, naturally**:

**"Naturally" in this instance means "I have no idea if they've ever read this blog." But it is an excuse to show you the results of the put yourself on South Park internet thingy. Actually, I prefer (and used for the above pic) the German version. Hi, Jurgen.

Some South Park viewers might question why Blue Gal on South Park is wearing both a cross around her neck and an anarchy symbol T-shirt. Regular BG readers won't give it a second thought. Neither did I.

[You need to be able to crop a screen shot to post these South Park pics on the web, btw.]


  1. I, ah, thought that was an inverted pentagram...

  2. Thanks. I changed it to anarchy.

  3. I'm sure those two would love your blog!

  4. So, when I make my little guy, how do I SAVE it? I tried this, put can't figure out how to save the graphic for future use...

  5. quakerdave,

    If you're on Windows, press Alt-PrtScrn to capture the window to the clipboard, then open a graphics program (Paint will do), paste the image, and then you need to crop it and save it.

    If you're on Mac, press Shift-Apple-4, the cursor will turn into a crosshair. Highlight the rectangular area with your guy. You'll hear a camera sound, and there will be a new image file on your desktop.

    As usual, Apple does it better. :)


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