Wednesday, September 6

Yeah, I just heard the secret CIA prison story, too.


  1. Let me get this straight: the president has come clean to having done all that illegal stuff, and we're supposed to be impressed? When he doesn't even say "Sorry?"?

  2. Shakespeare's Sister says it better than I:

    "It’s totally pathetic that we’re expected to be happy that only under the pressure of electoral defeat will the GOP even begin to pretend they have integrity. And, even then, the truth is revealed cloaked in assurances that their repellent bullshit was necessary to keep us safe."

    You see, Mr. President, we are not in the forgiving vein.

  3. Anonymous9:20 PM

    I like the fact that even as he heralded his support of McCain's anti-torture bill, he omitted the signing statements which relieve him of his obligation to follow the law. That's a point I hope all democrats hammer home in their campaigns.

  4. Blue Gal, them ones
    I'm definitely gonna
    have to get a pair of.

    I see you are having fun
    Enjoy the weekend


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